A Day In The Life Of A Beauty Blogger.

A Day In The Life Of A Beauty Blogger

1am – Wake up. Can’t Sleep. Blog ideas are rattling round in my head. 
4am – Wake up. Check the time on my iphone. Blimey! It’s 4am. Sighs, but I do have a great blog idea. Jot it down in the notes section of my phone. I’ll come back to that later.
Check the contents of the fridge to see if I can rustle something up for breakfast. Ideally – Avocado on toast (such a cliche). Realistically – Weetabix and semi-skimmed milk. Ohhh, but there is a blog idea. Recipe? Avocado on toast.  Yes, yes! Avocado, avocado. Pinterest. Slap it on Instagram. Avocado is so trendy. So in vogue! So fashionable. So overdone.
Shower. Get dressed.
7am – Time for a cup of tea. PG Tips with 1 sugar. Fairly weak. Not strong. A steaming cup. 
7.15am – Clean teeth. Make bed. 
7.25am – Makeup time. Base. Which one shall I try? Oh primer. I need to try that one. Base. That one’s new, it must be that one. And then I can review it. Ahhhhh, which foundation I am going to use? Decisions. decisions, decisions. Base chosen. Base applied.  Thinks to self, ‘is this even the right colour?’

Powder applied. Blush. Rockateur, Laguna, Frat Boy, Makeup Rev palette. Too Faced Choc bronzer. I see you hiding. Good Choice! Lip balm on. Eyebrows done. Mascara. Length or volume? My eyes are itchy and sore today. Roller Lash it is. My good old fave. Lashes primped. Mascara done.

Thinks of blog post idea. Oh what am I going to review next? I need to write top 5 posts of everything. Mascara, high end foundations, blush. Oh, outfit of the day? That’s a great idea. Not today. Don’t feel very on trend today. Be more experimental. Not today though. I could pair that stripey top with that necklace and oh those shoes. Charlotte Olympia eat your heart out! I’ve got that Olympus Pen I must use it. 

*I do need to leave the house.*   
7.50am – Checked Instagram. Checked Twitter. I need more time, Mental Note: I must get more involved in those twitter chats. Sorry bloggers! Quickly read all blog comments.
8.00am – Leave the house.
8.15am – Arrive at work. Banana and glass of water. Put the kettle on.
8.30am – Work. Work. Phones. Busy, busy. Appointments. Out and about. Phones, emails. 
1.15pm – Quick trip to Morrison’s. Tuna and Sweetcorn Sandwich. Fruit, Water. Mini Eggs? Time to head to Boots’. Check out the new releases. Excited. I haven’t possibly got enough makeup in my collection. More, more more!!! No! Splurge? Spend? Save? No! Save! Be thrifty! Don’t spend any money on mascaras you do not need. Come on Beana. George P. You do not need anymore makeup. Then I spy L’Oreal’s latest release. The Contour and Sculpt palette. So going to have to get this. It’s 6.99. And………..It’s reduced from £9.99!!!  Bought. The newest product to review! 
2.00pm – Time to go back to work. Emails, phones, clients!!
6.00pm – Clock off!
6.30pm – Bath. Love these new bath salts. So relaxed. Oh and Seychelles from the White Company. The most delicious bath foam ever. People must know about this. Bath done. Clean PJ’s on. Total mis-match. 
7.15pm – Tony’s put some chicken concoction in the oven. Tea done. Washed up. Ironing is done. 
7.30pm – Time to sit down. Catch up on Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup. YouTube time! God I have 3 hours worth of videos to watch, 1 hour tonight. Read Grazia, see what’s new this week. Need some blog inspo.
9.30pm – So tired. ready for bed. I’m just going to edit those photos and add to that blank post. Will try to write the post tomorrow. Look at new blog templates. Still thinking of going to WordPress.  
10.15pm – Lights out. Night oil on. Lip balm is on. Margaret Dabbs’ nail and cuticle treatment is on. iPad and iPhone on charge. Cup of tea drunk and snooze.
And it starts all over again….

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