The Cheap Face Mask Tool You Need.

The Tool You Need to Apply Face Masks, ELF, Makeup Tools, Skincare
Face masks have become a regular part of my skincare routine. Two to three times a week you will find me slapping on something, whether it be a sheet, clay, purifying or exfoliating mask. 

Instead of using fingers to apply, I have come across a rather handy little gadget from Elf. Many a time I’ve seen You Tubers using an old foundation brush to apply masks in an effective way. When I found out Elf sell an actual device especially for applying masks, I knew that being a face mask connoisseur it was something I had to give a go. 
A handy double ended tool, with silicone spatula on one end and tiny brush on the other. The spatula is genius. Being silicone, the actual brush is so flexible, it makes it very easy to apply your favourite mask all over the face. Mess free, it won’t waste any product. The small ‘pore cleansing brush’ gently removes dirt and any grease from the pores. 
To apply: Squeeze product onto the spatula and apply to the centre of the face working outwards (much like applying foundation). Apply an even layer to the skin. Dampen the brush and use small circular motions around the nose area to thoroughly cleanse the pores. Lightly rinse with warm water after each use and it’s ready to use again.
There’s only so much you can say about a little device like this, but for a regular mask applier this is a real must have. It makes application so quick and easy, leaving no trace of GlamGlow stuck to your bathroom tiles. A handy little guy to have in anyone’s skincare kit. And it’s under a tenner!

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