Top Skincare Products To Add To Your Skincare Cabinet.

Top Skincare Products To Add To Your Skincare Cabinet, jo malone, fresh, tata harper, dr renaud, eve lom, temple spa
I admit it. I am a skincare fanatic. Obsessed with perfect, sweet smelling skin (ok, it’s now just getting weird). Seriously, I truly believe if your skin looks great, you need minimal makeup and everything else looks good if your skin is glowing.
Here are my current top picks from the hundreds of skincare products out there (and trust me I’ve tried alot).
Top Skincare Products To Add To Your Skincare Cabinet, jo malone, fresh, tata harper, dr renaud, eve lom, temple spa


 Jo Malone Red Roses Body and Hand Lotion
If you’d asked me a year ago if I would slap a tonne of rose scented lotion all over my body, I would have replied ‘you must be kidding’. However this lotion is pretty much the only thing I have been using until it is now just about empty. It happens to be from Jo Malone. Delicately scented this lotion is just brilliant. Although lightweight it is super hydrating and soaks into the skin very quickly leaving skin soft and smooth. Loving Jo Malone fragrances, this is ideal to layer up with any JM scent as it’s not overpowering in any way.  Now this is near to the end of its life, I will definitely be picking up another.
Dr Renaud Carrot Scrub Detox*
Dr R’s scrub has fast become a favourite in my routine. With ultra small exfoliating particles and it’s lovely fresh carrot scent it works a treat. A quick shot of this in the morning leaves skin perfectly clean and smooth with no hint of irritation at all.
Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence
I use face mists every day, whether to hydrate the skin, set makeup or for a quick refresh. Tata Harper’s Floral Essence has become a regular on the scene. Jam packed with goodness, the spritzer is ideal to spray just enough product onto the skin without saturating it, but still offering a great deal of hydration. The scent is beautiful, fresh and as the name suggests slightly on the floral side.
Eve Lom Cleanser
With its spa-like scent, makeup removing ability and nourishing qualities this is a lovely cleanser to keep in anyone’s bathroom for the days your skin needs a little TLC and hydration. So gentle and effective I can almost get by the expensive price tag.
Fresh Seaberry Face Oil
After cleansing, if my skin is dehydrated, I nearly always reach for a facial oil to offer a bit of much needed hydration. Paired with Eve Lom’s cleanser, fresh’s Seaberry Oil leaves skin nourished and supple. Packed with a mixture of seaberry oil, cranberry and grape seed oil, it’s gentle and as if by magic somehow seems to work straight away.
Temple Spa Double Truffle 24 Hour Total Facial Rejuvenation*
The most beautiful limited edition tub of cream. Double Truffle is a day and night cream in one pot. Divided into 2 halves there’s a lighter day cream on one side with a heavier, slightly more luxurious night cream on the other. Dubbed a ‘miracle’ cream, I can see why. My skin looks rejuvenated using both/either of these creams, any dullness is replaced by radiance. Used regularly Temple Spa claim the truffle range also helps with anti-ageing, so of course this is a thumbs up from me. Crammed with cocoa butter, black truffles, gold and silk actives and diamond powder, is is easy to see why this is such a fantastic product and why it’s so expensive. I don’t use this every day, just for when skin needs a pick me up and boy, does it work wonders!

What’s in your cabinet at the moment? What are your HG products?

*This post contains PR samples.

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