Duck & Dry’s Hair Care: Instant TLC & Blow Dry In A Bottle.

Duck & Dry's Hair Care: Instant TLC & Blow Dry In A Bottle, hair care, salon
When Duck & Dry’s products dropped through my letter-box I was thrilled. Two shiny bottles, beautifully packaged promising great things for your hair, I was sold before I had even given these a try.  With names like ‘Instant TLC’ and ‘Blow Dry In A Bottle’, isn’t this what every girl (and some guys) dream of?  I didn’t really know much about D & D, however after skimming through their PR material the brand has a snazzy blow dry bar in London and have now gone one better, producing products, so we too can now achieve the perfect blow dry at home. This may take a little alot of practice! 

Duck & Dry's Hair Care: Instant TLC & Blow Dry In A Bottle, hair care, salon
I am a wash-your-hair-once-a-day kinda girl. I know you’re not meant to, but it suits myself and my lifestyle fine and my hair never really seems to change whether I do wash or don’t.  After receiving these goodies, I washed my hair the following morning using Tigi’s Bed Head and then decided to give D & D’s products a go.
Their Instant TLC Leave-In Weightless Conditioner claims to ‘repair, condition and detangle hair with no trace of frizz’. I loved everything about this. The scent is incredible and it’s the same scent for both TLC and Blow Dry In A Bottle. It is so lightweight and doesn’t weigh the hair down at all.

I found I could wash my hair and let it dry naturally with it’s natural kink.  It felt soft, looked shiny and any hair frizz I would usually have diminished significantly. I’ve also tried blow drying after just using this and my hair looked sleek and incredibly shiny.

Blow Dry In A Bottle claims to ‘create volume, root lift, body, texture and shine’. Using this alone without the TLC works incredibly well and hair does look shiny with volume.  Using both products together also works a treat, leaving hair nourished, shiny and with body. Can you sense some kind of theme here?

I am totally obsessed with both of these products, they are quickly becoming essential to my haircare routine and may even achieve HG status! Expect to see these feature in a favourites post at some point.

If you cannot get down to their pinterest-worthy salon, then I highly recommend giving these products a go.

Have you tried Duck & Dry or had one of their blow drys? I’d love to know what you think. please drop a comment below.

Natural Active Ingredients
Blow Dry
Honey Locust – Instant volume boost.
White Nettle – Creates natural root lift.
Ginseng – Stimulates hair texture for control.
Essential Oils – Deliver nourishment, health and sheen.
Honey – Delivers moisture.
Shea Butter – Nourishes and improves hair growth.
Vitamin B – Keeps hair soft to prevent damage.
Coconut Oil – Improves hair elasticity and strength.

Duck & Dry's Hair Care: Instant TLC & Blow Dry In A Bottle, hair care, salon

Duck & Dry's Hair Care: Instant TLC & Blow Dry In A Bottle. hair care, salon

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