My Sunday Rituals.

As the years roll by, I realise just how precious time is.

A lay-in these days is rare and more often than not on a Sunday I am wide awake and dressed before 8am.  

So you ask, what is a typical Sunday like in the Bean household?

Sunday Routine
Morning is a time to catch up on BBB. I love nothing more than getting up early. I make the bed, turn the washing machine on and make myself a brew.
I would love to say it’s a cup of green or herbal tea and in an ideal world, yes it would be. However it’s much more likely to be a steaming cup of PG Tips (milk with 1 sugar) in my favourite chipped Starbucks mug. So not Instagram worthy.

Shower time.

I deliberate which new cleanser/body-wash/shampoo to use and hop in. Dry and dress. At this time, my tea is the perfect temperature to drink. Leggings and an old T-shirt on (I don’t have any fancy cashmere loungewear – it’s more likely to be an old tee with paw prints on the shoulders) and it’s time to blog.

Catch up on emails.

Reply to any comments (thanks for leaving these) and if I have my writing head on, will write a couple of posts and then take a few photos.
By now it’s probably late morning. I try a new foundation and apply minimal makeup. Computer switched off. We will choose a ramble.

Countryside/Coastal Walk.

Tony and I try to walk around 4-5 miles on a Sunday (weather permitting) and head out into the country or to the Norfolk coast. Walk done, pub found.
My current favourite bite to eat at the moment is a warm pear salad with walnuts and stilton. A glass of elderflower presse and I’m completely recharged. Time to head home.

Green Fingered.

If the weather is warm, we will lounge about in the garden, head back out to the local garden centre, buy some new plants and spend time in the sun planting.

End of the day.

I often catch up on YouTube videos in the evening. Run a bath and use a face mask. Clean PJ’s and I’m falling asleep by 10.
We tend to have lovely, relaxed Sundays. Be it going for a walk, seeing family or meeting down the local pub. Of course there’s always time to catch up on a little blogging.

What do you enjoy doing on your Sundays off?

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