Try This If You Want Clear Skin: Magnitone Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Face Brush.

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The first cleansing brush I ever used was Boots No 7.  I was convinced this was a game- changer and at the time it did the job adequately. It kept my skin blemish-free and the surface appeared much smoother. Since using the Magnitone, which I have actually had for a few months now, things have changed again.
We all know I love skincare, blah blah blah. You probably get fed up with hearing this. However anything I can use to retain a healthy complexion gets a massive thumbs up from me.  On reflection and now I have a comparrison, it seems I liked Boots’ brush (for the £25-ish price tag, it is a good choice), however I have found the Magnitone to be something else.  
The Magnitone vibrates, whereas its predecessor oscillates. It sends an almost strong pulse like sensation over the skin (so it almost tingles) and is more gentle to use. The brush beeps every 20 seconds to remind you to switch from the area you are cleansing to elsewhere.  The timer is a fantastic idea, as being obsessed with cleaning, I am quite sure I would spend far too long on each part of my face.
Designed to be used daily, I have been using my ‘M’ twice a week in the morning (in the shower, as it’s waterproof). Used daily, I feel my sensitive skin would become irritated, however occasional use suits my sensitive skin perfectly. M seems to wake my skin up perfectly to leave a fresh, almost plump surface,
M also unclogs pores, so moisturiser, serums and oils sink into the skin better and can work more efficiently.  Lightweight, portable and easy to travel with, this is the ideal companion to keep skin clear. I am loving it!
Have you tried this? Have you tried the Clarisonic; how does it compare?  
*This is a PR Sample.

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