10 Easy Ways to Feel Happy.

10 Easy Ways to Feel Happy, ways to feel happy, happy

It seems we’ve finally hit spring.  Still feeling the winter blues a little?  Here’s a few ways to raise your mood…
1. Heard of mindfulness? Actually you don’t have to be a pilates bunny living on salad leaves and a carb free diet.  Head to iTunes and download the free Whil app. 60 seconds to power down to feel chilled out with no ounce of pretence.
2.  Make a ‘get happy’ playlist. Surely everyone feels happier after listening to their favourite tunes or upbeat music.  Spotify have great playlists, try Wake Up Happy or Have a Great Day.
3. Buy some flowers. With the spring/summer seasons upon us, make the most of the colourful flowers and arrange a few indoors. Whenever I look at fresh flowers it certainly makes me smile.
4. Show your feet some love. Bundled up for months now, it’s time to prepare for flip-flop season. Book in for a pedi and try a slick of bright polish to liven up toenails.
5. Change your bed linen weekly. Get a better night’s sleep by having crisp, fresh sheets.
6. Take a look at old photos. Looking at old pictures really makes me feel happy. Reminiscing about the good ole days. Most rarely print off pictures now. Print pictures off of great memories, make an album or frame and update your wall art.
7. Take a stroll barefoot. Lose your shoes and enjoy the feeling of grass or a sandy beach under foot.
8. Burn a citrus/clementine scented candle. An uplifting scent creates a lovely atmosphere in your home and can curb anxiety and stress. Try Jo Malone’s Grapefruit or Lime Basil and Mandarin to perk you up.
9. Send a card.  We all email these days, however it feels great to do something nice for others. Cards and stamps cost little and it would make someone’s day to receive an unexpected card through the post.
10. Treat yourself to an adult colouring book. Proven to having a calming effect, colouring engages the brain and improves concentration.  Keep negative thoughts away and focus on keeping between the lines!
What do you do to de-stress/feel happy?

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