Korean Face Masks, Straw Hats & A Cushion Foundation.

Every so often, I bunch together the things I have been loving. Life, products, posts, recipes (it could be anything). It’s time to share with you what’s top of my list from the last few days. 

1. L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation.

This hyped up foundation has been on my face for the last few days. Lightweight and easy to blend, Magique leaves a natural glow to the skin. If you’re all about the matte look this is one to avoid. Fairly sheer in coverage, Nude Magique leaves a dewy look to the skin. The only thing I’m trying to work on is increasing the lasting-power, as so far it doesn’t seem to be very long wearing. I’m switching up primers at the moment to try and improve the longevity.

2. A Banana Concoction.

A few days ago I wasn’t feeling too great, so I whizzed a few ingredients up in the blender and made a rather tasty (fairly healthy treat). Just add 2 bananas, a cup of porridge oats, a dribble of milk, teaspoon of cacao powder, a drizzle of honey and any seeds you may have in the cupboard. Blend, blend, blend. This kept me full for hours and was rather tasty. Give it a try.

3. Summer Hat Shopping.

The first hat I purchased was from Reiss. Similar to the traditional fedora as shown above. The brim was wonky and bent, safe to say for £45, this was overpriced and sent straight back. Tesco have a very similar and if I dare say, much better made hat for around £10. I snapped this up before they sell out. If you’re taking a similar floppy hat in a case with you this summer, place top down and fill with lingerie/bikinis, which will help to keep the shape. Roll other clothes and pack around the hat.

 4. Lily Pebbles ‘Let’s Talk About Fear’ Video.

Anyone who has a fear of flying will completely resonate with this video. Going on holiday soon or just want a pep talk? Watch Lily’s video. I already feel anxious about flying in around 3 weeks time. It’s comforting to know that so many people feel the same, all for different reasons. Frightened of flying? You are not alone.

5. Korean Sheet Face Masks.

So far I have only used a couple from Tony Moly. However the quirky, bright packaging and excellent results these give, I am certainly impressed by. Tony Moly sell a bunch, all catered for different needs and skin types. And Cult Beauty now stock them, I highly recommend picking one or two up designed for any skincare issues you may have.

What’s been top of your list this week?

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