L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation.

The Review: L'Oreal nude Magique Cushion Foundation, foundation, base, makeup
I’m quite sure this is the review you all want to read.  Cushion foundations completely intrigue me. The first launch I remember and which I have not yet tried is Lancome’s Miracle Cushion Foundation. Not quite getting around to picking this up, when L’Oreal’s much cheaper version hit the stores I was on the case to track it down rather quickly.
First things first, let’s talk packaging.  It’s very lightweight and ideal to pop in you suitcase this summer. The plastic container looks a little on the cheap side and I’m quite sure you would have to make sure the lid was tightly sealed when travelling to avoid any leaks. Under the lid is a small flat sided sponge, I’m not keen on these and would only ever use for touch ups on the go. For that use, this could prove incredibly handy.
The cushion filled with the foundation is underneath the sponge and is surprisingly very springy. I’ve been using a flat top buffing brush with this. My trusty Zoeva 104 works a treat.  Three or four taps into the cushion using a flat top brush is enough product to do your entire face. The actual foundation is on the wet side, call me a little naive but I was expecting the product to be much drier, like a mineral foundation from Bare Minerals.
The product buffs into the skin quickly and beautifully. It blends like a dream to leave skin looking fresh and dewy, this is not for someone wanting a matte finish, as this is as dewy as they come.
The coverage is sheer but good and also easy to build up.  The foundation. covers redness and evens skin tone easily. It leaves a lovely natural finish to the skin. Stippling any left over product onto the redness of the cheek areas works incredibly well, just to tone down any rosiness still peeking through.
The foundation leaves a lovely glow to the skin, with no use of primers, setting sprays or mists. It looks like skin.
My only gripe is the longevity. It doesn’t last. Within 2 or 3 hours it had completely disappeared. It’s only saving grace is that it faded evenly and it literally just melted away, instead of fading in a patchy way.
Love the foundation, the application and finish but personally I don’t think the lasting power is good enough. As I love the concept so much, I am going to pick up another cushion foundation so I can compare the two.
Have you tried this yet? What do you think?

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