NuMe’s Magic 25mm Hair Wand.

I’m a dab hand at the straighteners and have always wanted to master adding soft waves to my hair, with ease. I tried the straightener trick, wrapping the hair around the barrel of my GHD’s and I just hadn’t been able to grasp it, until now….

This is without a doubt the easiest curling wand I have ever used. Shipped from America, NuMe’s 25mm Magic Wand, is just that, magic.  NuMe’s tools often receive tonnes of rave reviews online and using this I can truly see why. 
The actual wand is extremely lightweight and it comes with a protective glove, which is extremely handy as I nearly always burn myself.  The wand heats up within seconds and is so very easy to use. All you need to do, is simply wrap the hair around the wand and then pull the wand away gently to leave simple, effortless waves.
* 100% Titanium wand.
* Clipless design for crease-free curls.
* Sleek, digital temperature control with display (see above). 140 -450 degrees F.
* Infrared heat technology.
* Thin, ergonomic design.
* Lightweight.
To Use:

1. Place the heat-resistant glove onto the hand which will be holding the hair.
2. Take a strand of hair and place the base of iron near to the scalp with its tip facing downwards.
3. Begin winding the hair around the rod.
4. Hold for between 2-5 seconds.
5. Release the hair, letting the curl slide out from around the iron.
6. Repeat for desired effect.

To achieve the above ‘tousled’ (undone) look, I literally ran the wand through my hair for a couple of minutes.  The waves lasted all day. For me this is the absolute perfect tool to achieve that messy ‘bedhead’ look. I’m quite sure if you spent much more time on your hair, you could also achieve a much more put together style. 

After all the hype NuMe receives, I wasn’t entirely sure if it was all talk, however after trying this, my quest for soft waves is now over, as I believe I have found my perfect partner. This is definitely coming with me in my suitcase in a few weeks time. Seriously impressed.
If you too want to try something from NuMe’s extensive range, head here.  
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What do you use to style/add curls to your hair? Are you a fan of NuMe?
*This post contains a PR sample.

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