Two New Makeup Brushes.

I have a tonne of makeup brushes mainly Real Techniques, NARS, Zoeva and a few random ones. I love discovering new brands, so when I was recently in Norwich, I actually felt a little excited when I stumbled upon a Louise Young stand.
Vivianna Does Makeup mentions the Super Foundation brush regularly in her videos. I couldn’t for the life of me remember the number or name of the brush shes uses, so I ended up with a much smaller LY01 (Mini Foundation brush). Personally, I find this too small to apply foundation.  It takes forever and feels rather like I’m painting a canvas. I want to be able to apply a few quick swipes in the morning and get the job done.
Instead of applying foundation with LY01, I have been using it to blend concealer under my eye area. The tapered shape is perfect to blend into all the nooks and crannies. It’s a very precise brush, the bristles are extremely soft and it makes light work of concealing any problem areas. So, for this reason I am a huge fan.
Once I find out the correct number for the Super Foundation brush I will be picking one up. 
NB: I did find out – it’s the LY34!
P.s. – I also have stepped into Morphe territory and bought my first brush from them. Some kind of eyeshadow blending brush. It seems soft, however I haven’t tried this yet, so will report back once I have.

What are your favourite brushes? Any recommendations, please leave them below.

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