10 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Summer Holiday.

10 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Summer Holiday, holiday, vacation

When I hit unknown places, I do a little research before I go, buy the guidebooks and have some kind of plan in mind for when we arrive.  I don’t want to waste a second. Everytime I go away there are a few tips I swear by which enhance our holiday and make the best of the time we have there. Here are 10 ways to have a cracking time.

1. Eat Fresh.

I’m talking fruit salad platters. Skip the afternoon all-you-can-eat dessert buffet. Eat plenty of salads, fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods.
2. Limit Alcohol.
OK, so we all go for a good time. Even ‘T-Total’ I enjoys a glass of cold white wine as the sun sets over the sea. Enjoy, do not over-indulge. Your waistline will thank you for it later.
3. Drink Plenty Of Water.
I always to try to drink as much bottled water as possible these days and swerve away from the Coca Cola stand. Stay hydrated and your skin and your body will thank-you for your daily intake.
4. Stay Out Of The Sun.
Call me a killjoy, but you know you should.  Protect your skin, use SPF, wear a hat and sit in the afternoon shade.  The dangers are real and a bronzed tan isn’t worth it. Fake it!
5. Use Beauty/ Skincare Sample Products.
Take a packet of assorted travel sizes/samples, that you have been dying to try for ages and haven’t quite got around to yet.  Skincare, makeup products and haircare. Experiment. Discover new products which you want to buy the full sizes of. Stop on the way back through Duty Free.
6. Read.
Read something meaningful. Take the latest New York Times blockbuster. Learn something new. Read self-help. If reading’s not your thing, book a trip and head off to:
7. Enjoy The Local Culture.
Visit the sites, book an excursion or two. I’m partial to a boat trip or day out visiting some ruins.  Eat local dishes and talk to the locals.
8. Book An Appointment For A Treatment/Massage.
Staying at a hotel with a Spa. Take full advantage of the facilities and book in for a massage, facial or both.  Feel pampered and the best version of yourself.
9. Exercise.
Take a walk on the beach. Stroll around the markets. Get plenty of fresh air. Hike up that mountain. You get the gist. Do something which makes you feel good.
10. Enjoy time with your partner/family/friends.
Enjoy each others company. Make new memories and spend quality time together. After all it must be one of the main reasons we go away. To spend time with loved ones.
What do you do to make the best of the time spent away? Drop a comment below.

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