Hi Tenerife.

Hi Tenerife, Summer holidays
It seems a lifetime ago we booked our holiday this year, to The Canary Islands. Now, I just cannot wait. This is the most excited I have been about a holiday for years. It sounds idyllic! A swanky hotel. Gorgeous setting. A fully-equipped Spa. Shops, bars and restaurants. Boat trips and mountains of fresh food. Phew.

I nearly forgot the duty free! I’m definitely leaving my Barclaycard at home!

I’ve got to a point where I need to refresh. It’s time for a break, a chill out session and some hot sun. A few posts will be up while up I’m away, I may try to Snapchat a little and I will certainly be planning some posts and taking some photos while I’m there. I’m planning some kind of Look Book, so stay tuned for some killer content.
Oh, and blog wise I am back to posting 3 times a week now.  Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm and Sunday at 9am (GMT).
Have a lovely couple of weeks and I’ll be back soon.
Georgie x

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