My First LVL Lash Lift.

My First LVL Lash Lift, Lashes, lash lift, salon
First off, I would like to apologise for the dodgy photos, they seemed to be the best I could take on the day and I wanted to get this post up.  It seems quite alot of you are interested in the new LVL Lash Lift craze and I wanted to let you know how I got on, what’s involved, a few pointers and if it’s worth it.
I hadn’t had my lashes tinted in a long time. I normally only bother for summer holidays, as more often than not I whack the mascara on and tinting seems to sting my eyes terribly.  I wondered if this process would irritate my eyes, especially, as there are four steps involved.  You do have to have a patch test before having this done.
My First LVL Lash Lift, lashes, lash lift, salon
Stage 1 – Lifting Balm. First off my lower lashes were tinted slightly and then taped down. This part was slightly uncomfortable. A plastic shield was placed over the eye and using a metal tool, the beautician carefully hooked all lashes up around the shield. I believe there are 3 types of curl. I went with the one which would offer maximum lift.  The lifting balm solution is applied and left on for 10 minutes. It smells like perming solution. After a few minutes my eyes felt slightly irritated, but it soon passed and any stinging disappeared.
Stage 2 – Volumising Fix. This solution creates the lift and is left only on the lashes for 5 minutes.

Stage 3 – Tint.  I choose a black tint over blue/black and this was applied onto the top lashes for just 4 minutes. This didn’t irritate my eyes in the slightest.
Stage 4 – Conditioning Serum. This removed any left over solution from the eyelashes whilst conditioning at the same time. it gives the wet look to the lashes (as below), which soon dried.
My First LVL Lash Lift, lashes, lash lift, salon
For someone whose eyes seem irritated by almost anything new, I was impressed with how the LVL Lash Lift didn’t make them itch or sting much, the procedure was just uncomfortable. On first impressions, I am fairly impressed with the lift, it has opened up my eyes dramatically and there will be no need to use a curler for 8-12 weeks (how long it is meant to last).  Although the tint could have been much more intense.  After studying my lashes, the corner lashes are missing a little colour and I think if the pigmentation was more intense it would have added to the overall effect.  
*Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours.
*You cannot go swimming for 24 hours.
*You will need a patch test beforehand.
*No mascara for 24 hours.
*If you apply foundation do not expect it to look perfect when you leave the salon. The tape will pull off any concealer and foundation around the eyes.
*I had foundation on my eyelids when I went in. I wouldn’t recommend this, or wearing eyeshadows, as the solution stuck to it and made it difficult to remove the makeup when I got home. I used a cotton bud, micellar water and perseverance to remove any unwanted product.
*The procedure takes 45 mins – 1 hour.
The lash lift is expensive at £45, however as a treatment for my summer holiday, I think it was worth the money. My lashes look much more prominent (not quite the standout lashes I was after) without the need for mascara. The salon advised I could have a lash tint in 4 weeks, so I  am quite sure I will go back to darken my lashes more.
It’s not something I would have done regularly, however for a holiday in the sun it’s certainly worth a try.

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