5 Things I Am Thankful For.

Reflection: 5 Things I Am Grateful For


I feel more settled now, than I have in months.  Going through stressful or not such great times, makes you really enjoy and appreciate the happier moments.  I am excited for what the future may bring.  Feeling contented makes it much easier to deal with any harder times ahead.  We all know life can throw huge curve-balls, well life, I’m ready.
Tony and my immediate family are extremely important in my every day life.  I always speak to Mum at least every other day, even if the conversation goes along the lines of ‘well, I’ve not got much to tell you’.  It’s comforting to know they are always at the end of the phone.I see Mum and Dad most weeks, normally for a family meal or impromptu shopping trip. I’m close to my brother too.
I feel extremely lucky that I am free to travel wherever I wish, whenever.  I can speak up for what I believe in and be who I want to be.  As I have grown older I am only now starting to realise who ‘me’ is. And, do you know what? I’m starting to quite like her.
I live in a country cottage. Imagine an assortment of scattered cushions, throws, plaid and an open fire. Add a couple of cats, a Jo Malone diffuser or two and you’re there.  Idyllic, home and the centre of my universe.
I have been incredibly lucky to have visited some fantastic countries.  My heart truly lies at home (with the cats), however when I have a spare minute I love nothing more than researching and booking our next escape. The question is where to next?
In life there are so many reasons to be thankful.  The smallest of things can make you smile, feel warm inside or loved.
Right now, what’s top of your list?

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