Givenchy Clean It Silky Cleansing Oil & Alternatives.

Givenchy Clean It Silky + Alternatives, skin care, cleansing oil

If you’re one of the only people who hasn’t given oil cleansers a go, then I think you’re missing out. Designed to dissolve every scrap of makeup and dirt from your face instantly, to leave you with beautiful, soft, squeaky-clean skin. Cleansing oils are a Godsend, gentle enough to use on every skin type these oils are going no-where. And perfect for daily use.
Givenchy’s Clean It Silky is an extravagant buy, however this oil packs a real punch.  Packed with cranberry oil and vitamin E, ‘Silky’ helps the skin retain moisture to leave your face soft and silky smooth. This magic bottle works extremely hard to remove everything in the most gentle way possible. 
To Apply:
1. Work 2-3 drops into dry skin, morning and night.
2. Using upward motions, massage into the skin to breakdown any makeup.
3. Wet the palms of your hands and massage once again. This turns the oil to a milky cleanser.
4. Wash away any remaining oil/makeup to leave beautifully clean skin.
At £24.50 it is expensive, however this is a real treat to use, which every skin-care junkie would appreciate.
If you wince at the price tag, here are some alternatives which I also highly recommend.

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