The Replica Chanel Boy Bag: Is It OK To Buy Imitation Luxury Pieces?

The Replica Chanel Boy Bag: Is It OK To Buy Imitation Luxury Pieces?
Nothing completes an outfit more than a swanky handbag or pair of statement shoes. I’m certainly a jeans, striped tee and Converse girl, opting for comfort over high fashion any day.  Over the last few months, my wardrobe seems to have been tweaked and polished up a little. Colour co-ordinated, packed with grey and white basics from ASOS, it looks like it’s straight from The White Company catalogue. Smart jeans, fabrics and pieces which look more expensive than they cost. I skimp a little on clothes, even though I buy the best quality I can afford. Nowadays I buy much less and buy pieces which will last longer and are hopefully of better quality. My closet, let’s say is rather streamlined.
Anyway from the amount of holiday related posts I have published lately, it would be hard not to notice that I have recently returned from a sunny break in Spain.  You may have even caught a few Instagram pictures and may have spotted a ‘Chanel’ bag somewhere along the line.
I have a confession……
It may look super fancy and as though it cost thousands, the truth of the matter is, it was less than twenty euros from a busy Spanish market. There’s no flash dust bag and the fake leather may only last a few months. 
The Replica Chanel Boy Bag: Is It OK To Buy Imitation Luxury Pieces?
I have a reason for buying this ‘Boy’ inspired piece. You see, I have been lusting after a real ‘Boy’ bag for a long time.  In no way do I support companies who rip off designers, the racks and racks of cheap copies or the pushy market traders trying to make a living.
I want to see if I like this style of bag. My initial thought is, if I REALLY did hand over the £4000 or so for my much lusted after bag, I want to love it. I mean really, really love it. Not get bored and think, ‘well it’s an investment, I can sell it’. If it’s coming home with me, it’s for life. Any bag needs to fit in with my existing wardrobe and be practical. 
As soon as I saw the C’s and the quilted, signature style, I knew this would be making the trip back home. For less than a one way train ticket to London, I could give my beloved ‘Boy’ a try. What a great solution.
The Replica Chanel Boy Bag: Is It OK To Buy Imitation Luxury Pieces?
I’ll either love the style of this bag. Appreciate the option of being able to wear the bag with a single or double strap on the shoulder.  Admire the classic quilted style. Or within a few weeks be trawling the internet for a much larger, more modest tote.  

It’ll be battered.  Filled with ‘real’ Raybans, YSL lippies and an over-used iPhone. It’ll endure wet days, the trip to work and nights out. It’ll be well used and if loved I may consider saving for the real deal.

I’m not one for copies of high end, luxury items, however for something that would cost so much, in this case my cheap ‘Boy’ bag is the perfect way to get the look for so much less. I’ll also discover whether this is something to save for or to pass by. I may find after saving for months and months, I would much rather have a more modest bag and a first class ticket to the Maldives.

What do you guys think? Would you purchase copies of highly coveted pieces to give the look a try? Are you completely against it, or do you stock up on designer inspired pieces when you’re abroad? I’d love to know, please drop a comment below.

Photography: Maisie Smart

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