Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara.

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara, mascara, makeup

If you’ve read my blog lately, you will know that I was recently invited to a V.I.P Charlotte Tilbury event in Norwich. To read more from the event head here.

Rachel, a Charlotte Tilbury spokeswoman, spoke of something I can really relate to. She mentioned when Charlotte was a teenager how her eyelashes were so very fair and how the day she discovered mascara, things really changed for her. Being extremely fair and with blonde lashes myself, I really understand what she means. The darker my lashes, the better. Charlotte seems to agree. Instead of eyes becoming somewhat lost, her lashes were suddenly darker, thicker and sexier. She felt confident and a proper woman.
Since then she’s obviously launched her own fabulous beauty range, headed for world domination and become a YouTube Guru. Thanks for sticking me up to this point, here comes the point of the post.
When I found out that Rimmel had launched their ‘Volume Colourist’ mascara, which tints lashes over time, I was intrigued to see if the formula and tint would really work.
Volume Colourist is an extreme black mascara with a lash tint complex. Used over a period of time, the formula is meant to tint the lashes as a normal lash tint would.

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara, mascara, makeup
There are days I don’t want to wear mascara, so if this worked after a few weeks use, this sounds like the perfect product to me.  No more special trips to the beauticians for a lash tint. The concept is innovative, but does it work?
Let’s start with the wand. It’s massive and a traditional bristle brush, as opposed to the plastic combs I have become accustomed to and favour.  The brush should be much smaller and I think a plastic wand would coat the lashes easier and more efficiently. 
The formula is black and quite wet but surprisingly not messy. It coats lashes evenly but offers no length, nor volume. 
As an every day mascara, I’ll be honest, this isn’t great.  With no hint of a curl nor any root boost, there’s little to offer and lashes look rather lack lustre.
As a lash tint, I’m impressed.  After using this on and off for the last 3 weeks, my natural lashes are certainly darker and now a pale brown tone.
I’ve been using Volume Colourist as a primer and then applying Benefit’s Rollerlash over the top. It works a treat. Colourist tints the lashes and Rollerlash provides the volume and length.  The 2 products work harmoniously together, without a hint of clumping or flaking in sight.
Definitely give this mascara a go as a lash tint if you have fair lashes. Layer your favourite mascara over the top, the results are excellent. 
Have you tried Volume Colourist yet? Has it tinted your lashes? Do you use this as a primer too?

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