Benefit Browvo Conditioning Primer.

If you’re a beauty junkie or fan of Benefit, then you will have heard all about their new brow line. They’ve recently released an extensive range of brow products for all eyebrow concerns and problems. From eyebrow tints, eyebrow conditioning and thickening, there really is something for everyone.
I wasn’t going to invest in the whole line, I had tried the original Gimme Brow, which I liked until I tried L’Oreal’s Brow Artist Plumper, which I prefer. When I heard that they had released their Browvo Conditioning Primer, I believed this could become a new step in my makeup and beauty routine.
Benefit claim it’s a ‘nutrient rich primer’ for fuller looking brows, packed with Keratin and Soya Protein to promote healthier and thicker looking eyebrows. 
To use:  Click the pen once to release the clear gel and then glide the product through the brows. The product conditions the brow hairs and evenly coats both hair and the skin underneath. Use one click per brow.
Benefit advise this product can be applied before makeup, allowing the primer to dry before you select which brow product you would like to use. Benefit also claim that the primer extends wear of any product you place over the top and increases the intensity of any colour applied. Much the same principle as applying an eyeshadow primer before the shadow itself.
Browvo can also be used as a nighttime treatment, conditioning your eyebrows while you sleep. So in theory you can apply your facial night oil, cuticle cream, hand cream, lip balm and now eyebrow treatment!
I’ve used this on a few occasions now and find the product to be slightly on the tacky/sticky side once first applied. My main piece of advice is not to apply too much, certainly no more than one click per brow as it leaves the eyebrows coated in a white gel, which is certainly not the look I am going for!
For me this product is slightly on the gimmicky side. I have seen no real change in my brows and feel like a good brow gel does the job perfectly well, thickening the appearance of brows to leave them looking fuller and put together. 
Considering that if you apply slightly too much product you are left with a white coating of gel on the brows, I would much rather use a great quality brow gel alone. This is one product I wouldn’t repurchase and would much rather purchase L’Oreal’s Brow Artist Plumper. No, it’s not tailored to be a conditioning treatment, however it provides a great tint and leaves brows looking fuller, healthy and polished.  Browvo didn’t really do anything for me. 
Have you tried anything from Benefit’s new brow line? What do you think? Are there any standout products from the collection and is there anything I have to try? Have you tried Browvo, what do you think?

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