The Importance Of Doing Good Deeds.

LIFE: Doing Good Deeds Makes Me Feel Happy
Doing good deeds gives me a high. A high no beauty or skincare product in the world can do. A sense of fulfillment, that you have really helped someone. I didn’t want to review the latest mask today or gush over beautiful packaging, you see this last week seems to have been the week to be a good Samaritan, and boy, does it make you feel good!
Not in a ‘well, praise me’ kinda of way, but in the way it makes you feel, deep down, knowing you have helped those who have much less than you. I’m not after a pat on the back. Not after any kind words. Beauty products, designer bags and luxury masks are all material things. Things we love and long for, but which are certainly non essential. Like most beauty bloggers, I am sent a tonne of stuff and also am fortunate enough to be able to buy pretty much any item I want to try with my own cash. Things I don’t need, things I can certainly do without. When you come across someone who has nothing it is humbling. Then I think I have far too much and am so very privileged to have everything I have. I am hoping those reading can relate.
Last week ended pretty much like any other, a Sunday drive to a pub for a spot of lunch. We came across a group of horses living on the side of a riverbank without even a bucket of water. One had chicken wire wrapped around his leg. Every time he took a step, I was hoping the wire would somehow free the horse. It didn’t. Anyway we couldn’t leave him like this. We were 2 miles away from our local Tesco, so headed to the value carrots and apples. Within 10 minutes we were back to start our mission. My flip-flopped feet were stung terribly by nettles as I moved the horses away from the wire with a promise of some tasty treats. This friendly lot, I am pretty sure have never tasted a carrot in their life. It kept them entertained for a few minutes and somehow Tony hopped over the fence, released the wire from the horse and placed it on the other side of the fence so they wouldn’t become entwined after we left. Half an hour later as we tucked into our roast beef I couldn’t help but feel warm inside. Knowing the horses would be safe for now and that hopefully they shouldn’t get into any more trouble. 
Two weeks ago we had a visitor at the bottom of our garden (yes guys, this is another animal story). A ginger and white homeless tom cat. Decrepit and frail, he looks around 100. Skinny with a cataract in one eye, wonky ear and non-existent meow. This was one poor kitty. Of course, being as soft as we are, we started to feed him morning and night. 6am and 7pm on the dot. Between 8-9pm Tony and I would sit on the damp grass at the bottom of the garden and give this cat some fuss by torchlight. We called him Sunny. Deep down I was gutted that we might not be able to keep him. After a quick trip to the vet, calls to the RSPCA and local Cats Protection League, it seemed it would be much harder to home him than we thought. At the time of writing this, he has only just been wormed and given a quick once over by the vet.  Next week he is booked in to be de-flead, wormed, neutered, bathed and groomed. We are going to ask around the village, but are fairly sure he has no home.  He has no microchip. We are going to adopt him as our own if no-one comes forward.  Helping this little guy out makes me feel so happy. He will be a completely different cat. He is middle aged so may only have a couple of years left, however if I can give him a proper place to live out his days, with warmth, love and a full belly and even make up a birthdate, then it’s completely worth it. He’s sweet natured and I will feel I have done right by him.
So you see, the buzz you get from helping a person or animal who has very little, is truly better than any new lipstick can ever make you feel.
Has anyone adopted a stray animal? Do you feel good helping others? I’d love to hear the good deeds you have done.

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