Rimmel Super Curler 24 Hr Mascara.

Rimmel Super Curler 24 Mascara, mascara, makeup
Every morning when it comes to applying mascara, I always find myself reaching for the same two on rotation; Benefit’s Rollerlash and YSL’s Babydoll.
I’d completely fallen out of love with drugstore/budget mascaras. For a long time I was always finding that just one mascara didn’t quite do the job. Nothing seemed to have the WOW factor for me anyway. One would lengthen, one would add volume. One wouldn’t be black enough and one wouldn’t hold that curl.  That is until now.
Rimmel’s Super Curler 24 Hr could be overlooked on first appearance. The bright purple tube is nothing remarkable and could easily get lost in the drugstore aisles.  It looks just the same as all other budget buys. The formula however, is something else. These days I normally go for a skinny, plastic lash comb and at first glance would be put off by this massive, traditional brush.  It’s actually amazing. As the name would suggest the curved brush gives volume and curls the lashes beautifully.
Every single lash is coated, defined and jet black. If you crave the false lash effect with minimal effort this is one mascara to add to your repertoire.
Rimmel claim the curls last 24 hours, I for one certainly wouldn’t wear it for that long, it’d be lucky to be on my lashes for longer than 10 hours on an average day. The lasting power however is extremely good, lashes look fresh with no flaking and the lift really does last all day.
It’s easy to remove at the end of the day with no irritation. It literally has everything I expect and want from a mascara; length, volume, definition, curl, intensity. This is one cracking mascara and can rival the likes of Rollerlash and Babydoll any day.
Have you tried Super Curler yet? What do you think? Is there another drugstore mascara you prefer? Or high-end?

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