Why Can Blogging Be So Hard?

Why Can Blogging Be So Hard? blogging,


This is one of those posts, I really didn’t know whether to post but decided to, so here goes…

Oh, and I think I may have a foundation line, or is it just the light. God that bugs me!

It’s not often I feel down about blogging, but this week I feel very de-motivated.

Why is it when you feel things are going well and you are building a loyal following, everything just seems to fall apart? Let me explain.
I have been working really hard on my Instagram feed, trying to post only the best pictures I can take/edit.  Around 3-4 weeks ago, I had over 10,000 followers and this was an extremely big deal to me. I walked around with a smile on my face and felt like I was heading in the right direction towards my goals and indeed dream.
Over the last couple of weeks I then lost a few followers, around 200. I felt bleurgh and motivation fell. Well, worse was to come. Of course there are much more important things in the world to worry about, however when you work so hard on your blog and feed, personally it is important to see some kind of steady growth.
Friday evening, I was checking Instagram and a few favourite pages and caught sight of my followers. It had dropped by over 4,000 overnight! How is this even possible? I almost felt sick with disappointment. This was a huge deal to me. Why didn’t people want to follow me? Had I offended anyone? Did they not like my feed? Was my blog that bad? I had a tonne of questions in my head and even now wonder why.
Quite honestly, it has made me question everything regarding the blogging world. My account had a few problems a while ago and it was hacked; could this be part of the reason?  Could it be spam?  If so, then I am glad that they have been removed, I would rather have less followers who are genuine than a tonne of crappy fake accounts.
I enjoy running a blog of course I do. I love it. I mean, I really, really love it. Thinking of new ideas, improving the content and layout. But the time I spend on my blog, well is it worth it?
As well as losing nearly half of my Instagram followers (which has really made alarm bells ring), comments have dropped and Twitter followers have dried up.
I don’t understand it. I feel my blog is more polished than ever, the content is varied and I am working on my photos. Both my own pictures and also working with a photographer. Yes, I know, numbers aren’t everything, however when you are so keen to make a go of something it really helps you to stay motivated, focused and inspired to write, when new and loyal readers are following.

Can anyone shed any light? Anyone else had this problem? Is there a known glitch? Are they spam accounts?  And if I have offended anyone in anyway I do apologise.

I feel in need of a pep talk, can anyone help?

Thanks for reading.


Photo credit: Maisie Smart

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