First Impressions: Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation.

First Impressions: Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation
I must be in the minority. Every single post I have read online reviewing Rimmel’s new Fresher Skin Foundation completely contradicts my initial thoughts on this base. I picked up 103 (True Ivory) from a choice of just 6 shades. On a side note, I should have picked up 100 (Ivory), as 103 was far too orange toned for me. Normally I’m NW20 in MAC.
With the foundation branded as Fresher Skin, I was surprised at how thick the texture of this product is and how thickly it applies to the skin. I am normally a massive fan of Rimmel foundations and have long loved Match Perfection, Wake Me Up and Lasting Finish, however I just don’t get this foundation.  
Labelled as Fresher Skin, this is definitely the sort of base I would normally go for. I mean, ‘breathable and natural’ are the buzzwords which would make me buy.
First off let’s discuss the packaging. Four words spring to mind, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I’m not keen on the pot, it certainly looks cute, however it makes it hard to get to the product.  I’m not keen on dipping a brush into the pot, fingers or sponge. How unsanitary. Rimmel, this would have been much better in a bottle with pump, just like Wake Me Up and co. Unlike Maybelline’s Mousse, this does have the usual consistency of a liquid foundation and not a mousse.
First Impressions: Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation
The formula wasn’t easy to blend, just thick and it looked heavy and cakey on the skin, not what I was expecting. To test this properly I didn’t apply any powder to the normal areas (mainly focusing on the nose) and the foundation didn’t last on my skin at all. It faded very quickly and was extremely patchy. 
Where the product faded on my nose, it was oilier than normal, my skin isn’t even that oily, however it seemed to look shinier than with any other foundation I have ever used.
Instead of giving me the dewy look I crave, this made my skin look greasy (normally my skin type is dehydrated).
Unfortunately for a product marketed as giving you the look of ‘fresh skin’, this appeared heavy, cakey and didn’t even apply well.
If I had to apply foundation and this was all I had, I would rather not wear anything on my face.  I would love to like this base, unfortunately Rimmel, this just wasn’t working for me.
Has anyone tried this yet? Has it suited your skin type? Do you prefer another foundation from Rimmel? I would love to know…

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