Don’t Lose Your Identity to Blogging.

Let's Talk: Don't Lose Your Identity to Blogging.

Yes, this is a serious post and I so wanted a picture of me posing blogger style, especially as we’re talking about identity. However the weather has been cold, the days dark and I haven’t had a chance to take a decent picture.  This was one post I wanted to publish. So for now please appreciate the photo courtesy of Pexels. As soon as I manage to capture a decent picture, I will update! I’d love to know if you can relate to this post……

I was only thinking about this subject the other day.  

Compiling a Christmas list is easy. The pattern soon becomes apparent as I gaze down at what I have jotted down; beauty, lifestyle and fashion pieces.
However, I started to question which items I really wanted for Christmas and if some listed were purely listed because I have been influenced by bloggers and blog land. 
Even now when I step foot in a shop, I wonder if I am buying something because I want it, or if it’s something really intended for blog use. There are certain bloggers whose style I try to emulate, I often think ‘oh, so and so would wear this’, or ‘I can imagine X in that top’ and ‘oh those boots are so her’. But are these pieces really my style and for me?  Am I buying that printed monochrome top for me or am I trying to be something I’m not?
It’s quite easy for judgement to be clouded. It can also be hard to distinguish if you’re handing over hard earned cash for that £50 palette X tells us we have to have in our lives. X was probably given that luxury palette in the first place. Is it something you really want? Or are you influenced by X?

Which brings me onto the point of how genuine are some bloggers?  Let me start by saying, I am not bitter, just slightly cynical

One YouTube star has millions of followers.

A few months back I watched a video, she was listing her monthly favourites in great detail and a pair of flashy shoes popped up. The way she described them, anyone would think they were magic and would bring luck to life. She went as far as to say that she would buy a back-up as they had been worn so much. All these impressionable young girls who hang on every word would no doubt believe her. The only thing this blogger failed to mention is that the shoes she was showing off were practically brand new with labels still intact. So I question how reliable is any review that this star gives? Has she been paid a wad load of cash to talk about these ‘must-have’ shoes and have her manicured toes even set foot in said pair of shoes?

I am cynical! 

As I say, I am not one to be bitter, however I do want to believe what I am told. All these videos and blog posts we invest time to read and watch, What is the point if the views aren’t 100% authentic?
We shouldn’t be swayed by others and stick to our true roots.  Dress how WE want to dress. buy what WE want to buy and be who WE want to be.

Do you ever question the reliability of bloggers and YouTube stars? Do you agree with me? What do you think?

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