The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler.

When it comes to haircare I’m a low maintenance girl. More often than not, I will (as Vidal Sassoon famously quoted) ‘wash and go’.  I favour a low maintenance haircut, colour once a year at the most and love easy products and tools to use. Ask me to apply a flawless makeup base and I’m your girl.  Ask me to create a head of perfect curls and I’m not!

One of my favourite tools to use is the Tangle Teezer. Yes, I know you’ve all heard about this before and rightly so.  It’s an excellent foolproof way to brush your hair, without pulling your precious barnet.  I’m thinking more Rapunzel and less like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.
I’ve had the original TT in my stash for as long as I can remember, so when I had the chance to try out the Compact Styler, I had to say yes.  Not much smaller than it’s older sister, the Compact Styler does exactly what it says on the tin and more.
Aesthetic wise, there is something for everyone.  Luxe gold, silver, bright tones and trendy prints. My two absolute favourites at the moment are ‘Pug Love’ and the Lulu Guinness’ Lipstick print.

This brush is ideal to use in the shower after conditioning.  I will run this through my hair to detangle any knots. It leaves hair beautifully soft and doesn’t pull or seem to damage the hair.  I also keep a Tangle Teezer in my handbag. The Compact Styler is ideal as it has a protector which easily clips on, keeping it tidy in your bag.  Any tech geeks out there, who need a new hairbrush should invest, as this will not get tangled up in any wires you may have lurking in your bag.
The ergonomic design fits perfectly and comfortably into the palm of your hand to detangle any knots you may have. 
The Tangle teezer is compact, lightweight and does the job brilliantly. Every blogger seems to give this brush a high seal of approval, including me. 
Looking for a new brush? Then you may have just found it. The Tangle Teezer has cult status and using the Compact Styler you can really see why.
Pick you very own up here (prices start from £8.50 online).
Have you tried this?  What do you think? Do you prefer The Wet Brush?

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