One Mascara Worth The Price Tag: YSL Babydoll.

With so many mascaras now available, all promising so much, it’s sometimes overwhelming to know which one to choose.


YSL’s Babydoll  mascara is expensive, however it truly delivers and a tube lasts ages without drying out.  Yes, I am in love! YSL Babydoll mascara is AMAZING!!!! If you are thinking of trying a new mascara out which does everything, then this is a pretty safe bet.

YSL Babydoll Mascara.


The packaging is luxurious as you would expect, the product even smells ok, not a smell you could describe, but it smells good for mascara. It applies like a dream, the flexible rubber wand coats your lashes with the blackest black imaginable.

Some mascaras require effort to apply.

BD doesn’t. You literally have to brush the mascara through your lashes. They are perfectly separated, lengthened, non-gloopy and without a clump in sight. The formula leaves you with defined, voluminous, intense black lashes.

If you build up the product and apply 2 coats it just accentuates your lashes even more, still with no clumps.

YSL Babydoll Mascara.


As the name suggests, YSL’s Babydoll mascara really does give you doll like lashes. It lasts all day, doesn’t flake or smudge and is very easy to remove. With a good eye makeup remover it literally dissolves with no harsh scrubbing needed. Garnier’s Oil Infused Micellar Water is a current favourite and gets rid of all eye makeup quickly and fuss-free.

Babydoll, yes you are expensive and totally worth it. This is one mascara which gives everything a mascara should.

What mascara are you loving at the moment? Have you tried YSL’s newest mascara The Shock yet? What do you think?

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