A Memo To Myself: How I Intend to Make The Most of 2017.

Well hey there.  Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, tonnes of laughs with friends and family and a banquet of delicious food.
So here we are. 2017 and its time to start all over again. Every year is no different, the 31st December arrive and I start to dream about what will happen when the clock strikes midnight.
Even now, I find the prospect of a whole 12 new months exciting and somewhat magical. Some years fly by as quick as they come. Sometimes I think I could have made better use of my time or made more memories. Many years ago I would set a list of unrealistic resolutions which would be broken within the first week (second if I was lucky). I’d fail again! And I’d feel deflated. As the fine lines have appeared over the years I have become much wiser. Although I must say, I am ageing rather well. Today I was asked for ID at the checkout. The assistant didn’t even think I had hit 25! I put it down to great skincare, non smoking and a country lifestyle!
A Memo To Myself: How I Intend to Make The Most of 2017.

Anyway, as I was saying I have realised it’s not essential or realistic to make a list of things you can/wish to improve. So this year, there are things I want to work on for sure, which I am convinced will make me feel more content and fulfilled. Instead of resolutions I have goals and life changes I wish to make. They could be the most simple of things. This is going to be a 12 month plan. Think of it as a massive to-do list. And do you know what? If I don’t complete everything, I won’t beat myself up. I’m thinking of this as a list of life, blog and health improvements. Not resolutions. Here’s the lowdown on what I want to achieve this year…
1. Get fit
2. Meal plan
3. Join gym?
4. Eat as healthily as possible.
5. Take regular walks.
6. Don’t stress about things which don’t matter.
1. Feel happy. Be positive.
2. Don’t compare myself to others.
3. Catch up with old friends.
4. Be organised.
5. Learn something new. Book that photography course I have been thinking of booking for the last year.
6. Make memories.
1. Publish what I want to publish.
2. Contact brands.
3. Talk to bloggers more.
4. Enjoy it!
5. Be different to others.
1. See family more.
2. Declutter.
3. Decorate kitchen.
4. Paint bedroom.
5. Spring clean wardrobe and beauty stash.
6. Take a trip to the charity shop to donate.
1. Pay off outstanding debt on credit card (£500 approx).
2. Buy only what I need to buy.
3. Set up a regular savings plan (and stick to it).
1. Book trip to New York.
2. Research and book summer holiday.

What do you want to achieve this year? Do you, like me have a list of items you want to tick off? Not resolutions as such, just organising life and making the most of each day? 

Good Luck with everything you wish to do this year.

Here’s to a fabulous 2017!

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