How I Feel About The Tannymaxx Diamond Bronzing Lotion.

The last time I mentioned a tanning product on BBB was around 18 months ago, when St Tropez’s Gradual Shower Tan caught my eye. Long gone are the days I used to apply fake tan regularly. Once upon a time it was a weekly occurrence. I even got Mum or Dad to slap it all over my back 24 hours before I hit the town. I never was quite sure how even the application was! Nowadays I’m a glass of wine and meal out kinda of girl, clubbing is a lifetime (or so it seems) away.  Now favouring jeans instead of mini skirts, my white bits are kept under wraps most of the time.

Tannymax Diamond Bronzing Lotion.

Spring will soon be here though, before we know it and at some point I will want to bare those lily white legs. I will certainly need something to give me a little help. 
So, when I was asked to give Tannymaxx‘s Diamond Anti Ageing Bronzing Lotion* a go, there was no need to ask me twice. Tannymaxx, I am relying on you for tanned legs. Keep an eye out on my Instagram, where I will publish before and after photos (if I am feeling brave).
Alpine Rose Stem Cells
Lotus Extract

Suitable for daily use
Develops after 4-6 hours

The actual product is encased in Princess packaging, a shiny jar with shiny lid. I’m not easily swayed by blingy packaging and wouldn’t normally purchase something quite this sparkly.  I’m all about the Aesop minimalistic look, however it’s what’s inside that counts and if it really works. 

The Diamond Bronzer is classed as a bronzing lotion. The consistency is slightly thicker than that of a lotion, but not as luxurious nor rich as a body butter. On first impressions, the scent is familiar, very much like that of the Body Shop’s Cocoa Body Butter.  The lotion is lightweight, pliable and takes no time at all to work into the skin. Skin feels slightly hydrated, but if you are looking for an ultra rich tanning product then this is probably not for you.
I first applied this to my legs (as a trial) at bedtime and at first couldn’t smell that famous ‘biscuit tan’ scent.  However as the tan developed overnight and I surfaced the following morning that biscuit smell was much more obvious.

Tannymax Diamond Bronzing Lotion.

The tan applied fairly evenly and I was left with a natural Riviera glow instead of the Essex ‘You’ve Been Tangoed’ look I was dreading.  

The ultra fine shimmer within the lotion is noticeable on the skin, however subtle. If you have ever used Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Shimmer Oil before, the result and look is similar. Small shimmery particles which shine and radiate when they catch the light to give an effortless glow. 
I loved the shade of this tan and as the tan faded it did so evenly.

The idea behind Tannymaxx is to provide a ‘high class tan’ with the benefits of premium skincare. I found that the Diamond Bronzer did not provide enough hydration to my dry skin. The tan itself is fabulous though and if you are looking for something foolproof then this is certainly a great product to consider. 

Would I use again? Yes, and I am quite sure when the warmer weather eventually arrives, this is a product I would trust to bronze up my white bits. Skincare wise (and you all know I am obsessed), I still need to use a separate moisturiser, it just doesn’t pack the hydration punch that my skin so desperately needs.

If this is one tanning product you would like to try click here. £32 for 190ml.

Do you have any fake tan recommendations? Do you prefer the natural glow, like me? Or do you go all out, for that ‘just got back from Barbados’ look? I would love to know, please share below.

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