The Girl In The ‘Burberry ‘Scarf.

I’ve always loved the finer things in life and for as long as I can remember have had an eye for luxury brands. 

Makeup, soft leather bags and beautiful accessories have often featured on my ‘must make a note of that’ mental wish list.

One item which has so far eluded me is Burberry’s classic cashmere scarf.  The must have for any fashionista’s wardrobe. The one key piece I’d love to add to my scarf cupboard, so I too could be among those with the best dressed necks this winter.  

The Girl In The 'Burberry Scarf'.

The Girl In The 'Burberry Scarf'.

Paired with neutral and earthy tones, this scarf would certainly do all the talking. I picture black jeans and a long sleeved plain black jumper. The scarf would be the star of the show, completely elevating the look. Stylish with minimal effort. It would never date. (I’m so selling this to myself).
The only thing which stands in my way is the £350 price tag. 

Right now, I am not in a position to justify spending so much money on one piece of clothing, which would pay to feed Tony, the cats and I for a month. And fuel my VW.  I could spend the money and feel guilt for weeks afterwards, so for now let’s just say I am going for ‘the look’.

The scarf I have isn’t from a fancy London boutique, no this soft ‘Burberry-esque’ piece is from one of Oxford Street’s finest traders! So, I’ll just carry on dreaming for now!

Are there any classic pieces you would like to add to your wardrobe? 

Any luxury makeup or style items you cannot live without out?

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