Why We Shouldn’t Be So Hard On Ourselves.

There are over 4 million beauty blogs and that number is rising. Daily.

I’m quite sure you will resonate with me when I say, quite honestly I don’t know how we fit it all in. Blogging is great, it’s a part time job. I already work a full time job, have a home, partner and cats to look after, so sometimes wonder where I fit it all in. 

Life seems busier than ever, it’s a wonder more of us don’t crash and burn more often.

I’m a serious multi tasker. The days I catch up on Netflix, the ironing board comes out. I try to keep on top of that ever growing pile, even though that ironing is the least of my concerns. That is, until the other half needs a freshly pressed shirt. The iPad sits precariously on the end of the board and I watch away. I can quite easily get through an episode of The Crown while I tackle that pile. On the plus side, my OCD side is so very happy when all clothes are pressed and put away in colour categories.

Why We Shouldn't Be So Hard On Ourselves.

As I drive to Tesco for the weekly shop I am already planning the next blog post. May even have the voice recorder switched to record on my iPhone, placed next to me on the passenger seat so I can dictate a post on the way. Plan of action; type when I get home and then pics on the Sunday. Thinks to self, can publish on the Tuesday. This is all after putting the shopping away in it’s various homes.

There’s the constant barrage of emails, trying to somewhat menu plan, remember the household items we need to restock up on, buy birthday cards, feed the cats, book that vet appointment, arrange a haircut. Must buy magazines before haircut for inspiration. Ring Mum. Go to post office. Need to transfer money. Put the washing on. Hang the washing out. 

The list is endless and goes on and on. This is all without taking into account daily work or blog writing, preparation and publishing.

Life can become quite daunting sometimes. So the days you’re feeling it. And you don’t quite feel like the superwoman you should be, take a step back and think of all the things you have achieved that day. We’re all busy women (and men). All the things we do get done makes us bloody marvellous. So don’t be hard on yourself. Take a breath, put the kettle on and just breathe even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Life is demanding. Let’s do the best we can and not beat ourselves up when things don’t quite go to plan. There’s always tomorrow. Live for now and that ironing CAN and WILL wait for another day.

Smile, give yourself a pat on the back, you are amazing!


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