I’ve Joined The Gym: 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Too!

I’ve done it! I’ve only gone and joined the gym. After months of thinking of going I’ve decided to haul my ass off the sofa and pump iron twice a week (at least to start with).
In two minds to join yourself? Need a little motivation? A kick start? Are you thinking of handing pennies over to sweat bucket loads?
If you’re really considering it and want to get fit, then keep reading as here are the 10 reasons you should join the gym too…..
I've Joined The Gym!

1. Personal Trainers Know Their Stuff
You don’t even have to pay for one. As your fitness levels improve, your needs change.  The plan you initially start on can be upgraded and tailor made.  So if for instance you want to increase your fitness levels, tone up stomach muscles or lose inches your PT will change your plan accordingly. No extra cost involved! You just need to self -motivate!
2. Free Regular Health Checks
As part of the plan you can book a slot to be body measured, have your heart rate and lung capacity checked and level of health monitored.  As your fitness improves, you body stats should also improve. Think of this an MOT, but for the bod!

3. Energy Levels

When I finish work I sometimes get that ‘bleurgh’ feeling. However, if I make the effort and tear myself away from Netflix, instead of feeling lethargic, I feel awake, alive and have more energy than I had at the start of the day.
4. Endorphins
It makes me happy. Just 30 minutes on the treadmill gives me a mood boost and makes me feel motivated for the next session. I leave the gym smiling. My mood improves. I’m happier when I get home, so homelife is happier too!
5. Confidence
Being fitter, losing the flab and toning up makes me feel more body confident. Everytime I feel low and honestly like crap, I will read this post and realise I need to go as it makes me feel better. Both mind and body. It completely alters the way I rate myself.

I've Joined The Gym: 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Too!

6. Equipment
It’s up-to-date, easy to use and for the measly sum you pay each month well worth the money (if you go!)
7. Classes
For a small supplement each month, there is the potential to join in with unlimited classes. Give Zumba, Pilates or Step a try. You never know it might be just the class you were looking for. Plus switching up your gym routine, will prevent you from getting bored.
8. Location & Time
Sounds daft, but having a ‘proper’ place to work out works for me. Instead of thinking about chores and washing at home, I can concentrate on that cardio workout. Have real me time, burning calories and being mindful of the situation at the same time. 
9. Encouragement
Once you have been a few times, familiar faces will exchange glances and a smile. You are all there to get fit or stay fit. Need a hand? Everyone is in the same boat and from experience I find most people are happy to help. Although I do avoid asking the ‘serious’ buff weight lifters for help. I don’t want to interrupt their time improving their ‘temple’! Swooon!
10. Being Thrifty
Paying a regular amount out each month motivates me to go. It’s a complete waste of money not to go especially when you (like me) are tied in for a year or so.
If you are thinking of joining your local gym, I hope I have been able to convince you of the benefits to go.
Are you planning on getting fit this year? What motivates you to go? Do you prefer classes? If so, which? Any fitness/motivation tips, please share below.
Oh, and if you do decide to become a gym bunny, then good luck!

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