Primark & Boots Haul: Cosmetics and Healthy Treats.

It’s haul time!!!

I don’t seem to have posted a haul for a long time on BBB. I know they always seem really popular and as I picked up a few things today, which I am really rather excited about, I thought I would share with you all what made it home with me.

I must admit I don’t really shop in Primark anymore, now and then I will pop in and see if they have a trend-lead piece or beauty item to add to my collection. Sometimes there a few bits I feel like trying, other times there’s nothing. 
I’d seen over a few YouTube channels that Primark now sell their own version of the expensive Artiste brushes. At just £3 I was easily swayed to try their P.S. Pro Blending Brush, which promises high definition results. It will be interesting to see how well this brush blends foundation into the skin. The bristles appear soft. I will let you know if it’s any good or one to save your money on.
Their £2.50 ‘No Sweat’ Mattifying Face Powder (complete with mirror) was a impulsive buy. Already in my handbag, this is one product which will get a tonne of use, so at some point expect a review along the line. 
Primark & Boots Haul: Cosmetics and Healthy Treats.
Also now in my handbag is this lovely Ted Baker Makeup Bag from Boots. I’d been looking for a new makeup bag for ages and had even bought a few online and sent them all back. Just something to keep in my bag to hold all the every day essentials. Empty at the moment (apart from the powder), I am eager to fill this up!
For the body, I bought a pair of Botanics Exfoliating Gloves. Keen to improve skin texture and slough away the dead skin, I am planning on using these on a regular basis in the shower.
I didn’t really need any new foundation, however my favourite Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation had come to the end of its life! I do like to keep a backup in my collection, as it never seems to fail me.
Primark & Boots Haul: Cosmetics and Healthy Treats.
Primark & Boots Haul: Cosmetics and Healthy Treats.
Lastly Primark were selling Nakd treats for around 70p, much cheaper than the supermarkets. I have decided to start back at the gym next week (I just need to book the induction), so it made sense to stock up on a few nibbles to keep in my gym bag.

Talking of which I also found a rather smart gym bag on the high street. Ultra snazzy, cool and under a tenner. The post will be up later this week.

What have you been buying lately? Have you tried any Primark makeup? What do you think, is there anything I should try or anything I should avoid? 

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