The Thoughts Of A Beauty Blogger From The Country.

I live in Norfolk. In an old cottage. Number 5. Number 5 has a freshly painted cream exterior. Nestled in between a sky blue cottage and a white cottage. It’s idyllic. I have 3 kitty cats to look after. One was feral. One was homeless and is an OAP. The third fairly normal. Oh, and a partner.
I’m on permanent laundry duty (often referred to as a washerwoman), drink copious amounts of tea in front of the log fire and am often found (as my partner calls it) at ‘The Blogging Station’. This is my space. It’s the most perfect cosy office. Proudly displayed on the walls are an assortment of different frames displaying all of my favourite family photos. Of course this includes the cats.

The Thoughts Of A Beauty Blogger From The Country.
Typical Sunday picture.
Out walking in Norfolk, with minimal makeup and rosy cheeks!

I love country life and was brought up on a farm, riding ponies and splashing around in wellies. The most I had on my face was tinted moisturiser and a splattering of fresh mud! It wasn’t until I was around 17, that I started to discover the power of makeup. Even then ponies were far more important to me (all animals still are).

As much as I love the country, I do love days out to the ‘big smoke’, London. The range of shops, the constant buzz and the heritage really excites me. I am however always pleased to return home where it’s peaceful and familiar.
All that being said, I do find networking a little hard. My email inbox is overflowing. Most days up pops an event invite, free treatment, brand event, blogger workshop or meet up. Nine out of ten times I sadly have to decline. It’s 2 hours on the train and having a full time job makes it hard to slip off to press events and launches.

So, I’ve decided this year to try to attend as many as I can which appeal to me. And only go to the events I feel I will get something from. Brands that I love or bloggers I would love to meet. And of course publish content relating to any events I attend. Yes, this is the year to get my arse off the sofa, book those train tickets and be more adventurous! To grow my web page, I need to network and meet like minded people.
I wouldn’t change living in the country for anything. I love the space, open fields and strangely the farm smells!

Norfolk you are my home but London I need to see more of you.

Do you live in the country? Do you manage to get to all the events and launches you are invited to? Would you move to London or a big city for more blogging opportunities? I would love to know.

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