The YSL Blogger Bag: Worth The Money?

Months ago I made a pledge to myself that over time I would invest in a few luxury pieces which could elevate any outfit.  All these neutral jumpers I have, paired with a fancy bag or luxury scarf would appear much more expensive than their price tag. I was hoping I would feel more polished and put together.
The items I wanted to buy included a small black bag (you can see where this is going), a classic Burberry scarf, a plain grey cashmere scarf and a few other bits and bobs. Pieces which are neutral toned and which can be mixed and matched to go with everything in my current wardrobe. Timeless pieces.

The YSL Blogger Bag.

My first piece was YSL’s craftily named Blogger Bag. This bag has been all over the internet. I guess you’re here as you want to know the real deal. Is the Blogger Bag worth the price tag? Just how much can you fit in this bag? Is is really a bag for bloggers? And most importantly is it worth the hype?
Saint Laurent’s bag is miniature and beautifully made from the finest Italian leather. The leather is perfectly smooth, so easily marked, but soft, buttery and fairly pliable.

YSL Blogger Bag: Worth The Price Tag?

Four internal card slots.
Made in Italy.
Slit pocket at the rear of the bag (ideal for keeping receipts safe).
Shoulder Strap Length 60cm
Height 11.5cm
Width 13.5cm
Depth 5cm

YSL Blogger Bag: Worth The Price Tag?

As an evening bag, it’s perfect (for the record I’m not much of a night owl). For daily use, I find the compact size a little too small. Saint Laurent’s monogrammed bag will hold an iPhone 6 (not 7). There are four internal card slots for bank cards. There is also enough room for keys, some cash and a couple of lipsticks.  I certainly could not find the room to fit my Olympus Pen camera inside.
They say all things come in small packages and yes this bag is lovely, stylish and of a classic design. However for me this bag wasn’t practical enough size wise. I would prefer a roomier holdall.

YSL Blogger Bag: Worth The Price Tag?
I decided to sell my bag and made the money back I spent. I was a little sad saying goodbye at the post office, however common sense told me this is just a bag and was maybe a flippant purchase. I originally paid around £400, this bag is now over £600!

I am still on the hunt for a new black bag (everyday and small) but am holding out for something more practical, bigger and with textured leather so the bag stays pristine for as long as possible.

I am still using my Whistles Lexham bag, which I have had for over 2 years now and still love this bag as much as any other I have ever owned. It’s stood the test of time well and still looks smart. It would take a really nice bag to replace the Lexham.

As for a small bag, I’m searching for something similar to the YSL bag but which gives much better value for money.

Do you have the YSL bag? Overpriced or worth the investment?

Come back tomorrow (it’s a bonus post), to see the gym bag I am loving, which on the other side of the price spectrum was under a tenner! Great value for money indeed!

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