Why I Cannot Wait To Return To New York!

Ah New York, New York, New York. So great I named it 3 times!  
New York you hold a really special place in my heart. And this ramble comes from within…
On October 26th I’m heading back across that Atlantic Ocean and cannot wait to see you again! To be reunited with my love. The Big (juicy) Apple.
If I had a spare million bucks, I’d buy an apartment and see you more often. I can just picture it now. Fully furnished with all the latest trends and technology. Bare brick walls, maybe even some kind of loft in Brooklyn overlooking that fabulous and famous skyline. 
Why I Cannot Wait To Return To New York!
I’d say I need to win the lottery, hell I don’t even buy a ticket, so I’ll have to keep dreaming. When I turned the massive 3-0, Mum and Dad treated Tony and I to the most lovely trip to NYC. It was just magical and everything I’d dreamt of and much more. For some strange reason I felt at home being amongst the sky-high buildings, both along side them and on top! I never wanted to come home. Strange as I come from the country and am used to open and immense space. It was incredible and quickly became my favourite place in the world.
A couple of years later I became engrossed in the hit US show Gossip Girl. I wanted Serena Van Der Woodsen’s life. Private jets, parties and the latest Dior. Perfect hair, flawless skin and a walk in wardrobe with the latest Chanel sandals. 
At the time, I was nearly best friends (or so I thought) with a girl I used to work with. We spent hours scrutinising over Blair Waldorf’s love life and wardrobe. Dreaming of cocktails at the bar of The Empire Hotel (which features heavily in the show).
Weeks later it became reality and we were flying over the Atlantic and checking into The Empire. Glamorous and glitzy with cocktails on tap. We were staying in the very hotel the crew filmed in. On the edge of Central Park with a Starbucks serving coffee only a minutes walk away.
After the initial excitement of arriving in New York, I’m not sure what quite happened. 
This girl I was so close to seemed like a stranger (like I hardly knew her). She was distant and didn’t want to seem to want to do all the things I was keen to do (nothing out of the ordinary, just tourist stuff). 
Any connection seemed to be lost. She was chief navigator around the Subway and streets. I seemed to follow like a sheep and she was in her own world. 
We set foot at the top of The Empire State Building and went our separate ways. I was expecting hundreds of jump in the air selfies, laughter and merriment! After all we had been planning this moment for weeks. She walked off on her own and I’m quite sure I shed a tear in the quietest corner, wondering quite what I had done to upset her.

It seems we had nothing to talk about and didn’t really have anything in common at all. Even though I had known her for years I didn’t really know her at all.

We got back to England and hardly spoke. After getting over jetlag we both returned to work and yes we spoke and were friendly to each other, but it was never the same.

Since leaving that job, which is now around 18 months ago I think we have probably exchanged one text. It turns out she was a great girl and when we were at work things were fabulous, but we were never as close as I thought.

So heading back to the States this year, I am determined for things to be different and to fall completely head over heels in love with NY again. I wasn’t so hasty to book tickets this time around.

My travel partner, Brigita and I are have everything in common. We dream of setting up an animal sanctuary together. Are obsessed with skincare, face masks and the latest foundation. Love nothing more than going to London and spending hours in Selfridges and laughing as we make our way round. We have the same morals and think the same. We have regular trips to the local spa and indulge in afternoon tea. She is definitely the sister I never had.

I cannot wait to enjoy this fantastic city with one of my closest friends! There is so much to explore and so many Sephora’s to visit!

It’s strange that someone you really thought you knew well, you hardly knew at all.

This time around this trip is going to be EPIC!

Has anyone ever gone away with a friend and it didn’t turn out quite how you thought it would? Do you have any travel plans this year? Where are you jetting off to?

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