Saint Laurent’s Blogger Bag: Why I May Have Had Second Thoughts.

Not so long ago I proudly owned Saint Laurent’s much coveted blogger bag. The first time dabbling in designer, luxury bags, this was the one piece I was dying to add to my newly streamlined wardrobe. I had the bag in black and after a while decided it wasn’t quite for me and I would put it up for sale. You can catch my review here.
ysl blogger bag
Long after posting off at the post office, I was still drawn back to this bag time and time again, and often found myself thinking I had made a mistake after all the months of saving.
It appears after much thought, the size of the bag wasn’t the issue, it was the colour. YSL’s blogger bag was the bag I wanted to use for spring. I was looking for something feminine and which would really finish off an outfit.
When Saint Laurent’s Arctic Rose came back into stock with Far Fetch (with limited numbers), I was convinced this was the bag I had been after all long, I just didn’t realise it.
YSL Blogger Bag

The beautiful soft leather with statement tassel is a cracking bag, Timeless, this elegant dusky pink (almost nude) offering from YSL is the only bag for me for this Spring/Summer. Pictured above are also a couple of well-loved bags from Mango, which I am currently loving at the moment. I wanted to publish a photo so you could get an idea of the size. This black and cream Gucci Marmont inspired piece is a little bigger and could certainly house a camera, the pink tote much more.

The blogger bag holds all the essentials and for a summer BBQ, city trip or an afternoon to the pub, this is the perfect companion to carry those much needed items.

YSL Blogger Bag
We all know this bag is known for being minature, however this was the one shade and design I was harbouring over for a long time. Perfect with stripes and denim, I am quite sure the cost per wear will soon be worth it.
The black version may not have been for me, however this shade is perfect and is a new favourite addition to my wardrobe.
Do you own the blogger bag? Which colour is your favourite?

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