Three New Bases: Armani Power Fabric, Bourjois Healthy Mix & L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover.

Today it’s all about foundation and I’m bringing you a quick run down of the three latest foundations which I have tried and tested. Two high street and one high end. Let’s start with the one which is top dollar and quite frankly a base I can’t recommend.
Armani’s Power Fabric Foundation (Shade 2) has been all over the place. Marketed as a long lasting high coverage foundation, this really let me down. I haven’t read or heard a bad review, but here’s why it just wasn’t for me. The formula is thick. Ultra thick. It’s difficult to blend and coverage wise, I was surprised that this didn’t cover like it should.
Power Fabric looked fairly patchy on my dry skin and by midday had clung to all dry patches and faded pretty much everywhere. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear is still my all time favourite long lasting base. I was expecting Armani’s Power Fabric to be at least similar, however for me it just didn’t do the job. In my opinion lovely packaging, highly expensive and just not worth the money.
Three New Bases: Armani Power Fabric, Bourjois Healthy Mix & L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover.

Instead of splashing your hard earned cash on Power Fabric, Bourjois’ reformulated Healthy Mix Foundation (Shade 51 Vanille Clair) for me is a safe bet. Even though the formula is much lighter than Armani’s offering, Healthy Mix is easy to blend, leaves a lovely even look to the skin and the lasting power is not bad either.

Skin really does look skin-like, but even better and for a fairly light base the coverage is good. After a few hours of wearing this, I did need to blot the excess shine, however it was nothing a little pressed powder couldnt fix. Cheap as chips, this is the one base to give you a natural and as the name would suggest ‘healthy’ glow. Loved the original version, the reformulated version is even better!


Three New Bases: Armani Power Fabric, Bourjois Healthy Mix & L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover.


Three New Bases: Armani Power Fabric, Bourjois Healthy Mix & L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover.
From the light to the uber heavy, another thick formulation comes courtesy of L’Oreal. This foundation is ultra thick. The best way to explain, it’s as though you are applying a really heavy duty, thick concealer. It’s literally like camouflage in a tube.
As with the Armani foundation, surprisingly, this is another thick(er) foundation which doesn’t offer as much coverage as it promises. The name ‘Infallible Total Cover‘ (Shade 10 Porcelain), suggests a highly flawless ‘this will cover anything’ base! It just doesn’t. It’s thick, gloopy and very hard to blend. After around 3 hours of applying it had faded completely over the nose area, apart from the sides of the nose where the product had clung to any dry patches.
Total Cover had also clung to every single dry patch on my entire face. It looked a mess and this called for desperate measures. At work I removed this at lunch using the only thing to hand (a baby wipe) and sat bare faced for the whole afternoon (which frankly looked much better) at my Reception desk. Not a fan, this didn’t suit my skin at all.
The high street wins, Healthy Mix is a lovely fresh base for the warmer months. And while I had high hopes for L’Oreal’s Total Cover, it just wasn’t for me. Armani’s Power Fabric may suit those of you with oilier skin, but sadly this is one I wouldn’t reach for again.
Which is your top foundation at the moment? Have you tried any of these, what do you think?

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