Tried & Tested: L’Oreal Botanicals Coriander Strength Cure Haircare.

Haircare wise, nothing really seems to get me pumped! However when L’Oreal released their Botanicals range, I couldn’t wait to snap up the line dedicated to fragile hair. Now, I wouldn’t say my hair is fragile, however it is dry and the Coriander line from the range seems catered towards strong hair. I was hoping for a much needed boost to my fair hair.
Coriander Strength Cure is packed with coriander seed, soya and coconut oils and claims to ‘strengthen and revitalise the feel of fragile hair’.  

L'Oreal Botanicals Coriander Strength Cure Haircare.
L'Oreal Botanicals Coriander Strength Cure Haircare.
On the first (and only) use I was impressed (more on this later). I love the packaging, very earthy almost spa like and appropriate for a plant based range. The full collection also includes products for frizz, hydration and radiance, L’Oreal have really designed products for all hair concerns. Each product is between £6.99 – £9.99 so competitive with other higher end hair care brands. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could pick these up from Boots on a 3 for 2 offer!

L'Oreal Botanicals Coriander Strength Cure Haircare.

The first time I used Coriander Strength Cure, I was really impressed. The shampoo, conditioner and masque are infused with an invigorating aroma. The scent is quite strong slightly overpowering, however fresh and clean. Almost aromatherapy like. My hair loved this. The rich formula of both shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling sleek, soft and smelling quite wonderful. 
Unfortunately around half an hour after getting out of the shower, my whole body started to itch. especially my arms, tops of legs and tummy area. I couldn’t stop scratching my tummy and it became really red, sore and the skin incredibly dry.
Two days later my whole skin felt itchy and more dehydrated than ever before. I made an appointment at the GP and she said I had had an allergic reaction to the shampoo. It’s now around ten days later and my skin is only just starting to calm down, using an emollient cream from the doctor and a heavy supply of anti-allergy tablets.
I was really disappointed as I actually loved the shampoo and conditioner and as I used this, I could really see this becoming a permanent fixture in my beauty routine. Unfortunately I have had to pass this on and admit defeat. It sucks that the one time you actually find a product you really love and which really suits you, your body hates it! 
Highly recommend the range, however if you have sensitive skin I would give this trio a wide berth. 

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