Sanctuary Spa’s Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask.

When I first tried Elizavecca’s Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, I liked the effect it had on my skin. After use my skin really did feel uber clean, however it felt dry and lacked hydration.

The way the product frothed up on the skin, it was as though you could feel the product working. I didn’t want to give up on ‘bubble masks’ entirely, so was on the hunt for the ideal mask for my dry/dehydrated skin.

Sanctuary Spa's Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask.


At a recent dash into Boots, Sanctuary Spa were advertising their new Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask. A big fan of sheet masks and loving the bubble effect I was fairly sure this would be the perfect mask for me.  Before we go any further, two points to note; 1. I am wearing some kind of bikini top in this picture and 2. I do know my eyebrows are in need of some TLC, threading and tint – it’s that time again!


Sanctuary Spa's Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask


Now that’s out the way, let’s chat all about this wonderful mask. Sanctuary’s Bubble Mask, comes in two sections. You place one section over the top half of the nose and mouth area and the other over the forehead and bottom of the nose. The mask is cut perfectly and hugs every crevice of your face without having to adjust too much to mesh to your skin. Some masks seem so oversized and just don’t fit to your face well, This fits like a dream.


Sanctuary Spa's Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask


As soon as this mask hit my skin, it started to foam up. The way the mask foams over the skin is a funny sensation. The frothy microbubbles are designed to ‘dislodge dirt, grime and pollution’. The frothing after a few minutes became quite intense, however best of all where the Elizavecca mask became tingly and almost uncomfortable, this one didn’t.
There was no unpleasant sensation and the foaming soon stopped. After ten minutes I removed the mask and washed away any remaining bubbles.


Sanctuary Spa's Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask
My skin was left feeling ultra clean and soft. However my skin wasn’t dehydrated and didn’t feel in the slightest uncomfortable or tight.
This detox mask is the most perfect accompaniment to a pamper night or for a mid-week mask fix. After just one use my skin felt like new, cleansed and revitalised. Sanctuary Spa claim using this is as though you have had a spa facial, it really is a professional facial in a packet.
Super impressed and for just £5, I am seriously going to stock up!
Have you tried this mask yet? What do you think? Are you into the bubble masks, sheet masks or are you more of a traditional mask user; the one where you smush it on with your fingers?

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