5 Beauty Essentials To See You Through The Summer.

As I write this, one hand holds a cold glass of Elderflower Sparkling Water.  My feet are immersed in semi-cold water in a child’s paddling pool.  I’m covered in Factor 50 and it’s the hottest day of the year.
Lounging around poolside paddling poolside, makeup free I was considering the products which I really rely on for the warmer weather. Sorry for the absence lately, I have been enjoying the hot weather a little too much.  Without any further delay these products are the ones I have been using oodles over the last few weeks.
As fastidious as ever, a great skincare routine seems even more important to me, especially when my face has been saturated in heavy sun cream on a hot, sticky day.


5 Summer Beauty Essentials.
At least three times a week, I have been using face masks. Think of it as multi masking on three separate occasions. Mud, exfoliating, peeling, nourishing and hydrating all feature. Pots, jars and individual packet masks, I’ve got the full stash. In particular at the moment I have been loving Montagne Jeunesse’s Sunburst Sauna (Grapefruit and Lime). Ultra fruity and warming on the skin, this mask leaves my skin soft and clean.
I must also give a huge shout-out to Primark’s Cleansing Aloe Nose Pore Strips.  Easy and quick to use, these babies are perfect for a midweek nose pore cleanse.  Easy on the wallet, yet uber effective. When you’ve been smearing Factor 50 all over your face these are ideal for a quick pore clear out!
5 Summer Beauty Essentials.
As the hot weather continues I’ve been finding myself using much less makeup. I’m talking minimal here; nearly bare faced. For a quick pick me up, Clarins’ 2017 Summer Bronzer has been pretty much the only product I’ve been using.  A quick swirl applied all over leaves sun kissed skin looking ever more radiant.  The most beautiful natural bronzer, where one shade suits all.
To pep up the complexion further I’ve been favouring a pretty coral brighter than normal lip look. MAC’s limited edition Shake Shake Shake is lovely and gives a fresh, pretty look to the face.
Paired with Clarins’ bronzer, this is perfect for those long Summer evenings, garden parties and BBQ’s.  Just slip on a pretty dress, sunnies and sandals and you’re good to go. Unfortunately Shake is now out of stock, however any coral gloss would suffice.
Rimmel’s #Insta Fix and Go Setting Spray is the most welcome face spray for a hot Summer day. Of course designed to fix makeup and make any complexion #Instagramworthy, this fine mist smells lovely and gives hot skin a much needed refreshing treat. Truth be told I haven’t used this over a full face of makeup just yet.  The rate I am spritzing this, it will be long gone before I get the chance!
These are just a few of my warm weather essentials.  Have you tried any of these? What products can you not live without when there’s a heatwave?

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