W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder: The Best Banana Powder Under A Tenner?

As much as I love a dewy, fresh finish, there are times I fancy a more polished look and to set the makeup I am wearing for the day ahead. I still like a certain glow and for freckles to poke through any products I have layered onto the skin and favour a light but long lasting base. Fresh and most importantly not matte.

Up to now, the only yellow toned powder I had tried was from a limited edition Hourglass palette of six different tones. I was on the hunt for something cheaper, something that worked and was easy for every beauty junkie to find.

W7’s Banana Dreams, is the most perfect powder. Of course the packaging lacks the luxury and finesse of high end makeup, however the actual powder inside is a real gem.

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder: The Best Banana Powder Under A Tenner?

And here’s why I love Banana Dreams so much:

The powder is finely milled and beautiful to blend. The product is a little on the messy side however a quick swirl in the pot with my favourite brush (using a light hand) picks up just the right amount of product. I just tap off any excess on the side of the container.
The yellow tone of the powder seems to calm down any redness I have to my skin and the finish is non cakey. It’s almost impossible to over apply and this finely milled powder buffs into the skin like a dream.  Any product applied also lasts beautifully on the skin.

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder: The Best Banana Powder Under A Tenner?
I have used Banana Dreams every day for the last few weeks and have noted a significant improvement to the longevity of my makeup. 
Of course, I am a beauty junkie and love pretty and luxe packaging, however if you overlook the non-fancy pot the powder will surprise you. I must say, I prefer this to the Hourglass powder I have tried; praise indeed!
If you are on the hunt for a yellow/banana powder W7’s version is well worth a shot. I’ve heard this is a dupe of Ben Nye’s cult classic (I cannot comment as I have never tried this), however Banana Dreams is a must have for any makeup collection. 
It really is a dream!  
Have you tried this? What do you think? Have you tried Ben Nye’s version, worth a buy?

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