11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Bean’s Beauty Blog.

I thought it was about time for an update.

Instead of rambling on about how I’ve been a little slack lately, I would focus on the positives and sell myself in the best possible way!

I always try hard with my blog and do admit it does seem to affect me when I have bloggers block. I know every single blogger can identify with this; it sucks!  Sometimes I don’t always post content or connect with other bloggers quite as much as I should and would like.

Here are 11 reasons why you should stick around…..
11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Bean's Beauty Blog.
1.  I tell it like it is. If there’s a product I really don’t like I will let you know. I’m straight and to the point. No beating around this Bean’s bush!
2.  When I’m feeling humorous (see point 1), I do try to inject a little personality into my posts.
3.  I’m relatable. An every day down-to-earth girl who like most loves a bargain.  Partial to a little luxury, especially when it comes to skincare and accessory buying.
4.  I’m a country blogger. You can probably guess this from my pictures. I try to take attractive photos (mainly of bags). I have a slight obsession with Mango at the moment – take this red beauty in the photos shown today.
5.  I try to take most of my photos outside. A typical Sunday would include heading to the Norfolk coast for a walk and pub lunch. Armed with a bag of beauty products to take photos on walls, logs and in woods. I’ve heard that apparently green is a non blogger colour! Seriously who makes this crap up. This leads onto point 6.
11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Bean's Beauty Blog.
6.  I’m a green girl. I stay true to my roots, love the country and country life.  More often than not you will find a bottle of foundation perched on a log and not a flat lay. In that respect I’m different to others. Nothing wrong with flat lays, however I’m a little over them, and am trying to be a little more experimental with my photos.
7.  I mix it up and try to feature both high end and high street, beauty and fashion. Partial to designer dupes, I am still trying to find my own style and plan on featuring more style posts. Or at least try. I’m also wanting to publish more reflective and advice type pieces. Now in my 30’s, hopefully I can offer some good advice. You see, I am a…
8.  Real trier! And really hard working. My brain equates that I think about blogging around 90% of the time, whatever I am doing. Eating pizza, soaking in a hot bath, hoovering or stocking up in Tesco’s for the weekly shop. I’m constantly seeking to improve and highly dedicated.  Note – at time of writing I’m sitting on the floor.  The chair broke yesterday and was promptly dumped up the tip.
9.  I try to produce varied content. Yes I’m a primarily a beauty blog, as the name suggest, however we all grow and things change. I’ve often thought about changing the name of my blog to the obvious Georgie Piccaver. I mean c’mon no one else should have a blog in that name. I have thought about ‘blog on a log’ given my penchant for photographing pieces on Norfolk’s finest logs, but it just doesn’t seem to stick!
10.  All content I publish either needs to be informative for you guys, humorous, enjoyable or helpful in same way.  Take this post for instance, informative? Yes. Humorous? That’s a matter of opinion. Enjoyable? You tell me?! Helpful? For sure.
11.  I buy products which will benefit my routine, which will be up my street and be useful. I no longer buy for the blog (well 99.9% of the time anyway) and will report back on any new products added to my collection. Hopefully that way the products I really love will feature often.
11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Bean's Beauty Blog.
11 reasons you should indeed follow my blog. If there’s anything you would like to see more of please email, comment or tweet me!
Thanks for reading and once I have more content planned, I will let you know my publishing schedule!

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