3 Bath Products You Need To Try: The Chill Out Edit.

Bathtime. To me a bath at the end of a long, busy day is a real treat. TMI here, but every morning I shower to wake up, using an invigorating for the most part zingy shower gel (of course after a cup of milky tea).

After 7pm, providing it’s not too hot (weather wise), then I head up the stairs for a warm bath for a much needed chill-out (and often blog brainstorming session – yes, it really does happen – in that tub).

For the evenings when I really feel the need to chill out I have been using these 3 bath products to really help me. Sometimes I use just one and other times I mix the 3 together.
Three Bath Products You Need To Try
Neal’s Yard’s Aromatic Foaming Bath is expensive at £49 for 950ml. You can also buy a 200ml bottle for £15.50. It seems super expensive, especially when you can add a bottle of Radox for under £1 to your weekly shop. This foaming bath is something else though. Of course this is a treat, not a daily use kind of product, but it is literally heavenly. The soothing lavender scent, marjoram and geranium essential oils make for the most lovely bath you have ever had.
This product is packed with ‘a skin conditioning herbal infusion to help you to relax and unwind’, and boy this is REALLY good stuff. It really does what it says on the tin. Since using this weekly (ok maybe two or three times a week), this has left my dry skin feeling so much better. It’s so gentle and leaves skin soft, supple and smooth. Stepping out of the bath after a long soak I always feel super chilled out, almost on the sleepy side!  Making this the perfect product to use to unwind.
Three Bath Products You Need To Try
If you are looking for something on the cheaper side, Kneipp’s Bath Crystals are incredible. I have been trying Sweet Dreams (Valerian & Hops)* and Joint & Muscle (Arnica)* regularly. If you are looking for something that works as well as Neal’s Yards bath foam then these are brilliant. Around £9 for half the amount of product. More for a soak though with no bubbles.
Three Bath Products You Need To Try
I love nothing more than using half a capful of each. Of course if you just use the Joint & Muscle you will be blessed with a bright orange bath. Sweet Dreams your choice, then it will be bright blue. Both contain pure and natural thermal spring salt. If you pour in a tiny amount of NR’s foam you will also be blessed with bubbles.
Using either of Kneipp’s Bath Crystals I feel rested, completely chilled out and the Joint & Muscle version certainly helps with any aching muscles. I leave my pea-shaped bath feeling completely revitalised.
If you are looking for products to pour into your bath to help you feel relaxed and to soothe aching muscles, then I highly recommend all three of these products. Certainly better than Lush and not so gimmicky (as much as I love their bath bombs).  Either of these products leave you with a highly colourful bath, have health benefits and there’s no glitter to clean up after use! Yay!
Have you tried any of these bath products? What do you think? Do you have a favourite bath foam?

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