3 Pairs Of Flat Shoes You Need In Your Wardrobe This Summer.

If you have been a reader for a while now, you will know I always seem to have problems with my feet. I’m just going to put it out there. I hate feet. The ugliest part of the body? Maybe! Feet suffer. They work hard to get us around and I don’t know about you, but they seem to be the most neglected part of my body. Unless I have them wrapped up in those socks which dissolve the dead skin. Or I get the ultra rich, hydrating foot cream out (once a month and with good intentions).
As the warmer months approached I needed new footwear more than anything in my wardrobe (as well as new bras – note to self – must replace the ‘were white now grey’ granny looking bras). I wish my feet were a size 3 and dainty. They’re not and never will be. Size 8 and my feet (or me) are super clumsy. 

The Three Pairs Of Flats You Need This Summer, shoes
Long gone are the days I totter around a club on the spindliest of stilettos. Cut my foot on a glass, get blood on new shoes and then put them in the washing machine in a drunken stupor (yes that did happen – the washing machine was not happy and the Red Or Dead pretty pink shoes had no chance of survival). 
For me, these days it’s all about comfort. However I do like to wear shoes which are a little more chic than holiday flip flops. Here are my top 3 current faves, all from the highstreet!
First off let’s talk about Primark’s navy and white Converse inspired flats (as always available in store). The glossy almost metallic finish of these shoes offers something a little different. Paired with denim or dress, these £8 shoes will last all Summer long and possibly look better than ever once beaten up a little. Super versatile and very comfortable. I am quite sure they will only last this year, however I love the shiny finish which makes them day or evening appropriate! And at £8, you can afford a new pair yearly.
The Three Pairs Of Flats You Need This Summer, shoes

Next’s classic slingback Tan Espadrilles will work well with denim, white and navy. Finished with a dressy ankle strap and almost basket like toe caps these are timeless and extremely well made. I’m hoping they look as great with summer dresses as they do with linen trousers.

And lastly, something I wouldn’t normally go for. These Metallic Double Buckle Footbed Sandals (which resemble sliders) from Next are seriously on trend. If you struggle with wide feet like me, then these are perfect as the straps are adjustable. With a moulded sole these remind me very much of Birkenstocks. The metallic rose gold finish is much prettier than a brown Birkenstock, which makes them look more feminine and a little less like Jesus sandals.  Lovely to wear on a hot evening, sipping an Elderflower Presse at a coastal pub.

It was important to me to choose shoes which of course I can walk in, but also which offer versatility to my existing wardrobe. I am pleased with my choices and find these 3 pairs work well with the current pieces in my wardrobe, which mainly consist of stripes, linen and denim!

Do you have problems with getting shoes to fit? Have you ever been as stupid as me and tried to wash a pair of shoes? Probably not! And what are you wearing on your toes at the moment; footwear or polish?

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