A Rant: The Aspects Of Blogging I Am Not A Fan Of.

We all know blogging comes with an element of materialism. Some pieces are beautiful to look at. Others functional and a few which quite frankly are not needed, over priced and the money could be used towards a much better cause. Of course if you earn the money and/or are gifted lovely pieces I am not here to tell you what to spend your money on. There’s one question that I do want to ask though…
Since when did blogging become quite so materialistic?

The Aspects Of Blogging I Am Not A Fan Of.

 When I first started blogging, the majority of content published (myself and others) seemed to relate to new beauty launches and product reviews. Now it seems many blogs seem to focus on high end, luxury products and the talk of the day is one blogger comparing her designer bag collection to another.

Everything seems so competitive. Sometimes I feel like it’s one blogger after another boasting about their hundred designer bags all with a huge price tag, seeing who has the most expensive bag. Or another moaning that they have to jet off to the Maldives again this year.
We are all guilty of loving nice things (myself included) and having the desire to live a fabulous lifestyle (as much as the wallet allows), but when it literally seems that your worth is based on the value of your wardrobe, then to me something feels a little wrong.
I am one to admit I do love watching luxury hauls on YouTube and yes you could say sometimes I am slightly envious of  the newest bag. However it does wind me up when there are so many problems in the world and all the blogging world seems to be bothered about is how many passport stamps you have notched up over a 6 month period.
The Aspects Of Blogging I Am Not A Fan Of.


That, or all the blogger seems worried about is posing, looking sultry and sexy, when in reality they may not have even got ready themselves. They’ve had a free salon appointment and professional makeup artist applying the slap and then a professional photographer carefully editing the pictures. Whilst being provided with a complimentary wardrobe. I do get it, of course. The brand is wanting such and such to promote their new lines because they are an influencer! Sometimes lookbooks come across really well. Other times it seems soooo fake! And it’s just not real life!

On another note, what is it with people posing on Instagram half naked?  Covering a little modesty, as if to say ‘Look at me, I’m so hot’. Yes, you may be but you really don’t have to flaunt it. Fitness/health bloggers, I understand if you promote your well toned abs. This makes complete sense. Especially when you focus on exercise, nutritious recipes and a healthy lifestyle. Then it’s almost as if to say, look what you can have if you work hard. Inspiring!
But when you’re purely a beauty blogger and you post half naked images, boobs on show and pouting, this looks more like soft porn which we do not need to see. Write only beauty reviews? Why on earth do we need to see this?  And for those of us who aren’t able to jet off to all these wonderful places, how can a Norfolk feed compare to a ’round the world feed’? French Provencal lavender V’s Norfolk lavender! You get the drift.

The Aspects Of Blogging I Am Not A Fan Of.

Take this post with a pinch of salt. I woke up on a wet Sunday morning not wanting to write another beauty post. My fingers just typed and I wanted to rant, so may have got a little carried away. It seems I wanted to put this down on paper/print/online for a while and today the words just flowed.
I would love to know what you think. Do you agree with me or am I being too outspoken? Surely there are more important things in life than flaunting your sexuality on Insta?? Just saying!

And as we all know Instagram is not real life. It’s the best bits. Why can’t we post random daily pictures which actually reflect daily life? The real stuff!

Not a negative Nora, I’ll be back in a few days explaining the reasons why I just can’t stop blogging!

Rant over, phewee!!

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