Current Beauty and Style Favourites: Summer Edition.

Well good morning to all! Summer seems to be flying by and as August approaches it’s time I update you with all the things I am currently loving and which pieces I highly recommend adding to any collection. From memory, last time we were here, I mentioned a tonne of skincare.  This time around there are a few new makeup discoveries, which I have been using on the daily!


The first mention must go to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ much coveted Renaissance Palette. Weeks ago I actually bought this and returned it. Seems I must have been having some kind of makeup crisis that day, as this is now back in my collection and I absolutely love it. If you’re like me and love neutral earthy tones but favour a natural look then this is one palette to invest. The rich tones blend beautifully and are highly pigmented. Not all brown shades, the plum and pinks offer something a little different. Golden Ochre (top row second from left) is a particular favourite, which just seems to make my blue eyes pop.  A wash all over the lid, make this perfect for every day. Ooooh and the pink velvet casing is just exquisite.
Current Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites.


Sticking with the eyes, Rodial’s Glamolash Mascara XXL is a new must have for any makeup bag. A freebie with the current issue of Red Magazine. (usually worth £24), this mascara is amazing. It has a fat wand which would usually bother me. However the ultra black formula easily glides onto lashes leaving a full, natural, non clumpy look. Glamolash makes applying mascara a breeze. It’s time to dash to your local newsagent and stock up. Great stuff!
Eyebrows also need some TLC, and while I have been loyal to L’Oreal’s Brow Artist Plumper for years, I fancied a change. Fleur De Force’s Eyebrow Tamer is another new favourite. I opted for the lighter shade and actually this suits my fair hair and skin tone much better than the darker shade I had been using from L’Oreal. FDF’s brow product is better than Benefit’s Gimme Brow. The lightest colour perfect for blondes.  The formula thickens brows easily and lasts all day. For the results it gives, I can get by the slight crusty finish. This Tamer sets those bad boys in place allllll day!!!


Current Favourites. Current Beauty Favourites


New to my skincare collection is Vichy’s HyaluSpot. With a metal tip for application (which is cooling on the skin), this handy keep-in-your-purse tube is seriously effective. The gel like formula glides over any problem areas to protect the affected blemish. Break outs and any problem areas seem to diminish within hours. This miracle gel really works and is a must-have in any girl’s collection.


Let’s move onto lips. Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Lip Scrub is a Godsend. I find this to be more effective than Lush’s Lip treatments, however the product is much more gentle to use. A tiny amount massaged into dry lips leaves lips smooth and hydrated after use.
To offer further hydration Clarins’ Lip Oil has been a firm favourite for a long time. Leaving a shiny, almost wet look to the lips. This oil is comfortable to wear and if you’re looking for something to relieve dry lips this could be the one. On the odd occasion I want to add a sheer wash of colour to the lips, Revlon’s Berry Smoothie Lip Butter provides a moisture hit and leaves a pretty wash of colour to the lips.


Current Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites.


To end any busy day I love nothing more than a soak in the bath. Kneipp’s Sweet Dreams Bath Crystals* fill the bath with an almost medicinal scent. Think of sea salt water combined with the fragrance from a spa and you’re nearly there. A capful of this run under hot water leaves a blue bath to wallow in. Strangely this almost invigorating scent relaxes both my mind and body for a restful nights sleep. Absolutely loving these crystals, so much so I have dedicated a post to my top 3 bath products featuring these which will be up very soon. I have to admit I prefer these to Lush bath bombs. Packed with ingredients for mind and body these really seem to work and provide a colourful bath all at the same time! Plus there’s no glittery residue to scrub away the next day!
On the nights I fancy a change to YouTube and the TV, you can often find me with my head in Grazia. Fashion, beauty and current affairs. This weekly read is often found by my bed or in my bag. Great to catch up on news as well as reading about the latest must have pair of shoes.
Lastly I must mention this fashion favourite, giving thanks to H and M. This silk scarf is colourful printed with an exotic wildlife patten. Even though you can’t see from the above pictures, the red and green striped trim almost scream Gucci. At £30 this was expensive for H and M, although it is from their Premium Collection and is a fraction of the price of a Gucci print. Tied around a bag or neck this is one pretty scarf which I am hoping will stand the test of time! An H and M investment piece?! Ha ha, I love it!
So there you have it, a round up of the things which have been leaving me feeling giddy this month. Do you love these products like me? Would you like to try any of them? And what features on your list? As always please drop a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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