New In: Beauty Products For The Summer.

It saddens me to say, but actually I’m not jetting off for a beach holiday this year.  With one thing or another it just hasn’t happened and now I’m planning an epic trip next year.  To brighten my mood what easier way than to stock up on some new beauty products perfect for the summer. 

Stocking up on some summer goodies means that even if I can’t feel my best on tropical sands I can still glow on my home turf!  Here are the latest products to hit my beauty shelves.

It all starts with Soap and Glory’s Spritz Me Quick Moisturiser Mist. I seem to be better at moisturising in the summer than the winter, when I know it’s time to get those bare legs out.  I don’t want to be shocking anyone with those scaly pins.

To help out with any scales (and no, I’m no Nemo), I choose Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Scrub. I already knew I loved the scent and so far the scrub hasn’t disappointed. Ultra fine yet effective, this works hard to buff skin to perfection, whilst coating it in that gorgeous, tropical, sexy scent.

New In: Beauty Products For The Summer.
My locks are fair and as soon as summer hits I like to include purple shampoo into my hair care routine.  I much prefer cooler tones which seem to look lovely with glowing skin. A good purple shampoo helps to keep the warm hues away.  So far I have found L’Oreal’s Professional to be the best.
MAC’s Limited Edition Lipglass in Splash, Splash, Splash not only looks pretty in the tube with intricate flower design, but also looks great on the lips. Summer in a tube! Sorry, but it’s already sold out.

Maybelline’s Dream Cushion Foundation is a fairly new addition to their extensive range.  Not a fan of Dream Matte Mousse (too dry for already dry skin), I was keen to give their version of the cushion trend a go. I’ve heard it’s a great lightweight base, so am hoping to report back soon.
New In: Beauty Products For The Summer.

Rimmel’s #Insta Fix and Go line could almost be made for bloggers and Instagram fiends. A spritz and mattifying powder to help prepare us to be camera ready.  Haven’t touched the powder yet, however the mist has been used a tonne just as a quick refresher. So far I’m impressed. 

New In: Beauty Products For The Summer.
L’Oreal’s Overnight Tanning Elixir has received rave reviews. Perfect to slap on and work it’s magic as you sleep. I’m excited to see if this indeed will leave limbs golden by 6am and if it stains my white bed linen! I’m hoping for the former and not the latter!
Lancome’s Monsieur Big Mascara* was a press release. With a big, fat wand I am keen to see if I can get along with Mr Big (sounds so saucy- oops). Normally I favour small plastic brushes, making it easy to coat every single lash on application. 


New In: Beauty Products For The Summer.

Palette wise there was only one I wanted to track down this Summer. Lauder’s Bronze Goddess. Packaged in the most beautiful case, with a blush, smoky brown shadow, highlight and the most rich of aqua shadows. The tones could look beautiful on the skin on the warmest of days. So pretty. And the biggest of mirrors, this is one product to keep in your bag to transform any day look to night.
As the hot days seem to dry my fair hair out even more, I was keen to invest in a couple of products to help nourish the ends. Pureology’s Strength Cure so far is working a treat. A few pumps run through the lengths of my hair leave hair soft, smooth and shiny. It smells amazing and is rich but non-greasy.  I have been switching between Strength Cure and System Professional’s Solar Sun Oil. If I’m having a long day in the sun, after washing hair, I slather the ends in this oil it smells amazing and protects the hair from the sun. These 2 products work really well together to protect and hydrate the hair.
So there you have it a few new beauty products to add to the collection this Summer. What have you picked up lately and what’s on your wishlist? Have you tried any of these products?  What do you think?

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