New In Beauty: Two New Base Products.

You all know I love a great base. Skincare and foundation are definitely the two types of beauty products I am obsessed with. If I couldn’t apply face masks regularly (and have a wide range to choose from) or try different types of bases to achieve the most flawless finish, well then I just wouldn’t feel like me.

The two products featured today have already had a tonne of hype, I have dabbled with both but am yet to form a true opinion. Keep reading if you wish to know why I invested in these two products.


New In Beauty: Two New Base Products. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness

I already have rosy cheeks and a pink undertone to my skin so am hoping this much hyped about ‘Neutralizing Correcting Cream‘ works as well as the masses claim.
This product is meant to calm the skin, cancel redness and provide long lasting full coverage. On first impressions the formula appears thick and has yellow/beige undertones.
Packed with collagen, aloe and avocado, Bye Bye Redness claims to ‘camouflage red toned skin discoloration including blemishes, sun damage, scars and age spots for a flawless finish’.
Always sold out everywhere, I am keen to test this out fully, using different methods to blend into the skin and I will report back soon. Either on Instagram stories or right here!
New In Beauty: Two New Base Products. Too Faced Hangover Primer

Too Faced Hangover X Primer

Now available in travel size, £12 for 20ml, this is another product which has had so much hype. Infused with ‘coconut oil and skin revivers’, Hangover X seems hydrating on the skin even after one quick test.
To my delight this lightweight primer stinks of a Bounty bar (literally) and seems to sit comfortably, leaving a smooth but nourished base, perfect to wear alone for a fresh face or before applying makeup.
Too Faced claim this ‘rebalances skin’s moisture levels’. Having dry skin, I always keep an eye out for products to amp up the hydration in my skin, so I am expecting great things. Again I will let you know how it goes!
Have you tried either of these base products? What do you think, worth the hype or save the pennies? Please leave any comments below.

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