First Impressions: Soap & Glory’s New Face Masks.

When I heard Soap and Glory had released their own packet masks, of course I jumped on the late bandwagon.

And boy I’m glad I’m did. After road testing all of the line, I think I may have just found a new favourite. So good, that I have already restocked and distributed to friends.Keep reading to find out more!

Soap & Glory's New Face Masks.

Party Recovery Radiance-Boosting Mask 
(A new favourite)

There seems to be a mask in my bathroom cabinet for every single occasion however I have never tried something quite like this. The best sheet mask I have tried without a doubt. Of course, I love the packaging and as with all sheet masks they are perfect for travelling. Just how many sheet masks do you think you could actually pack in a suitcase?! Now, that would be a challenge and alot!

Soap and Glory’s Party Recovery mask is absolutely saturated in liquid, not so it’s dripping everywhere, but so there is a tonne of goodness which is going to soak into the skin.

Much thinner than most sheet masks, this is like applying a second skin. The design of the mask is perfect as it is just wide enough to hug all contours of the face and it fits like a dream. It’s almost as though the sheet mask just melts into the skin and no part of the actual sheet keeps coming off the face, as I find many sheet masks annoyingly do.

The scent is heavenly, citrus like, a whiff of sweet oranges and grapefruit. Soap and Glory’s Radiance Boosting Mask is marketed as a ‘wakeup call for tired, dull and stressed skin’, ‘The Perfect Post Party Pick-Me-Up’. Packed with Vitamin C, White Flower Brightening Complex, this is one hard hitting mask, which my dry skin can’t get enough of.  Whether you’ve had a hard night at it or just feeling a little run down this is one mask you need to keep in your collection.  When it’s time to bring out the big guns, this is one!Any excess liquid left over in the packet I rubbed into the back of my dry hands, which worked brilliantly.

This mask leaves skin soft, plumped up and fully revitalised, perfect for a no makeup day or before applying your base. A new favourite!

AAAA-MMM-AAAzing!!  Can you tell, I love it just a bit!?!

Soap & Glory's New Face Masks.

Miracle Moisture Mask

The Miracle Mask is much thicker in texture than it’s predecessor. Being a two-part hydrogel mask this is ideal for a real pamper session. Super easy to apply, again this mask hugs the contours of the face and fits perfectly. It smells amazing, floral, slightly citrusy (due to the sweet orange oil) but not sickly sweet and is perfect for the most dehydrated skin.

This mask includes Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Rugosa, Safflower and Peony extract. The recommended wear time is 20 -30 minutes and the gel like texture of the mask is cooling and soothing. On a hot day this would be amazing served straight from the fridge!

Soap & Glory's New Face Masks.

What A Peeling Purifying De-Clog Mask

Wowsers! This is seriously bright pink. I’m talking Peptol Bismal, strawberry milkshake pink. Like you’ve dunk your head in a bucket of the brightest pink milk available. Using ‘What A Peeling’, I feel I have been covered in ecto-plasm. Yes, that’s right, had a fight with a Ghostbuster and seriously lost!In this packet there are 2 applications and a spatula to apply. I used my fingers which was super messy, so I definitely recommend using the spatula provided. Soap and Glory recommend leaving on for 15-20 minutes. This mask really tightens on the skin and dries incredibly quickly. It felt slightly tingly on my skin, but once removed left soft, clean skin.

Super impressed with Soap and Glory’s new masks, expect them to feature in monthly favourites to come.

Have you tried any of Soap and Glory’s new face masks yet? What do you think? Or is there something else you prefer on the high street right now?

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