Get To Know The Real Me.

Bought this gingham tablecloth top especially for this post.
I’ve already returned it. Am obsessed with this hat! Cadbury’s fiend. Can easily while away a couple of hours in Starbucks. Tea Drinker. Ideally PG Tips. White. One sugar. Love chocolate, having a bad day I hit the confectionery aisle!
Has a taste for pasta. Mac and Cheese. Was vegetarian for around 8 years. Had one roast chicken dinner now I’m a convert. I hate cucumber and celery.
Get To Know Me.

Animals mean the world to me. Rescued an underweight hedgehog. He arrived at the Hedgehog hospital. When he was better I picked him up to bring him back home and released him in the paddock. Gave a home to two homeless cats who just appeared. Keen horse rider. Not ridden for years. These days there are muscles which ache, which I never knew existed! Re-homing another hedgehog today. Growing up I wanted to be a vet. Not clever enough. Crap at maths! I have 3 cats; Tom, Sunny and B.

Lived in America for a year when I was 18. Graduated with an American High School Diploma. Played Softball. Badly. Arrived home with a Southern twang, man! Soon dropped it. Wrote to my first love every week for 11 months. Rekindled our love. No. Longer. Together. Parted on bad terms along time ago. At the time heartbroken.Years later recovered. With partner. 12 years. Good guy. We have fun. And he wanted want me to talk about him on my blog! His name’s Tony.
Get To Know Me.

Avid shopper. Avid returner. Extremely indecisive. Loves a little luxe. Obsessed with New York. That skyline. The pretzels. Of course, the shopping. Love exploring new towns, cities and countries. #Wanderlust. Would love to go to Rio and experience the carnival. Have flown in a helicopter and hot air balloon! Hate flying. Feel claustrophobic on the Tube.

Lives in the country. Prefers wellies to heels. Love Gerberas and tulips. Never cold. Loves the Spa. Massages, facials, scrubs and hot towels.  I used to bite my nails. stopped 10 years ago. Have problematic feet. I burn in the sun very easily. Bright light seems to trigger migraines. Maybe I was a vampire in a previous life!I drive A VW Golf GT and passed my driving test first time. Think of myself as Lewis Hamilton and love watching the F1 on a Sunday. Movie wise; love thrillers, romcoms, war films, true stories and action. Hate the scary stuff. Love Homeland, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and currently Shooter (on Netflix).I don’t smoke. No tattoos. I’m a neat freak and love organising and tidying. I have regular sort outs. Sell tonnes on ebay and send bags of stuff to the local charity shop. House proud! Wardrobe is colour co-ordinated.

First crush (still to this day), Paul Walker. So sad.

Ditzy. Fairly intelligent. Like to think I’m posh! Loyal. Kind. Clumsy. Thoughtful. Ultra Sensitive. A Worrier. Always early. Very emotional. Self critical. Perfectionist. Complex but straight forward. Cries at the drop of the hat. Anxious. Obsessed with my blog, skincare, country life and animals.

The most important thing to me in the world is that everyone I love and care about is happy and healthy. That includes my cats!

I’d love to know more about you guys! Please leave any random facts and/or blog links below! Thanks for reading!

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